I'm watching Lionheart right now


“He is not enough strong…for jail.”

I think Jean Claude should be nominated for an oscar.

“feeeeeeelin’…so good today. Ain’t nobody…standin’ in my way.”


I think JCVD needs his own thread


Am I remembering correctly that Sasha AND JCVD beat on their girls? Chris Brown for Kickboxer reboot.


I am watching SRK right now.


I think I should make a thread to let people know.


Double Impact:

“I may be drunk. In the morning, I’ll be sober. But you will ALWAYS be a faggot”


I love Bloodsport so much.



Watching a REAL movie.


Cynthia Rothrock doing cartwheels in this bitch.


I’ll sue you for police brutality pig


Then Chuck Zito beat on JCVD. I could’ve sworn that I saw something about Sasha Mitchell getting cleared of those charges because his wife went psycho on him and he had to push her down to get her off of him. Don’t remember.


“Duuude whoa-oa-oa! You are freakin’ out right now, my otherwise bodacious babe.”


I’m half-way through the JCVD collection. Started from most recent and moving in reverse because I need the classics to bring me back from those straight to DVD/VHS masterpieces.


There is only one.


I always wanted to bone her in her prime.


Is she even a real martial artist? All her fight scenes are awkward, and you know she’s gonna start winning when they speed up the footage. Bitch can’t win without Mach Speed.


Dunno about that. Check her fights here:

God I missed Richard Norton. I always thought he was cool.


i know nostalgia is all over the internet now but…IF YOU DID NOT PRACTICE JUMP KICKS IN YOUR LIVING ROOM TO THIS…you were not an 80’s kid



Have a cocktail and watch this movie.

You practically win the lottery


This link is SO much better.


What the fuck did I just click on? Seriously you’d better have a good explanation.


Airplane 2, never heard of it?