I'm way out of your league - She-Hulk Changelog thread

Post all changes here for our Jade/emerald Gigantess Jen Walters.

New Additions: (When Jen is facing right of course.)

[SIZE=4]1)Pole Swing:[/SIZE] :d::db::b::atk: or ( :b::d::db::atk: confirmation for the exact input would be gladly appreciated and accredited to)

The move has a large start-up along with a lengthy recovery, (because she flicks her hair after a successful hit!:wtf:) so comboing from this move is going to be close to impossible unless accompanied with an assisst.
Notes: Pole swing move is stated to have slow start-up but if landed it is supposed to make opponent wall bounce causing a juggle. It has also been discussed that this move might have super armor

[S]2) Air Dash: j. :atk::atk: standard air dash[/S]


[S]video courtesy of Karsticles from the She-Hulk General discussion thread[/S]

The current build of this game does not have air dash (lame!)

Known Nerfs :arazz:

cr. :h: (slide) Some players have stated that the reach and speed of this Normal has been reduced, while others claim it’s not much of a difference, although there have been cases in where it was not true. If you have any info regarding please advise.

TAC Glitch has been removed I’ve heard from some users that capcom stated that they were going to remove all known exploited glitches.

cr. :l: is no longer chainable, so all you cr. :l: mashers better behave for the new build of this game


Emeral Cannon: in the second video that has been submitted it has been shown that our emerald giant lunges her body a bit further just to get that extra oomph in her reach.

Fantastic 4 outfit has been changed to blue and hair back to normal

New colors:

Blue and purple:

She-hulk (Lyra aka Hulks future daughter)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 incomplete changelog

here is a clip showing some changes to she-hulk and other characters. (anyone noticed the black and white outfit in the beginning?)

I just noticed in that second vid you posted that Emerald Cannon now goes farther forward for the first hit. Bonus!!

This is especially awesome in situations where an opponent is knocked down accross the screen, and Shulk has to run long before OTG+Emerald Cannon. Maybe now we can get away with hitting them with just the tip of the Torpedo before cancelling into super.

good observation mate! She does lunge her body further during the drop kick version of the emerald canon

Did they take out her “Damnit” comment she says when she’s beaten by a light attack? She doesn’t say it in the vid… that would be so rediculously lame if they did.

the video is probably bad but I doubt it

Ugh, the last thing She-Hulk needs is a fucking airdash.

It doesn’t suit her character and she frankly doesn’t need it. That’s lame

I think the air dash is a good upgrade for her, a good rush down tool to breach into zoners which was her main weakness in vanilla

Especially since she lost range on her slide, which was her old method of getting in on zoners.

made some updates on the nerfs and and new moves section.

-Air Dash has been removed in the current build of Umvc3

-A new video of the pole swing move has been added

There was a build where she had a air dash? Fudge my She-Hulk would’ve been OP. But Capcom should really put a air command grab or a air Hyper Combo. That way she can be a true Marvel grappler with Haggar. And as far as the slide nerf goes shame on you Capcom:(

what is the pole swing’s purpose exactly?

one of the main things that came with the emerald cannon extended reach is that torpedo also sends people flying further away, according to the changelog.
does this mean we can’t do the relaunch anymore (running stance cancel into launcher), enemies being sent outside of the launcher’s reach?

that was the first thing that came to mind, it is definitely out. It seems like [FONT=Verdana]Clothesline will be the replacement with the faster start up im pretty sure about it. Torpedo run start cancel clothesline wall bounce lunch air series, but that will take away our wall bounce super. … so wat will be the alt combo. Shulk play style will change alot bec the pole swing will be in her combos.[/FONT]

I was worried that it would be gone, that really sucks! it looks like they don’t want us to relaunch at all. Removed TAC booty relaunch, and made Torpedo hit far away so we can’t relaunch the Combofiend way…If we clothesline to relaunch, we lose super at the end. What’s a She-Hulk to do? At least our combos will still do a sh*t ton of damage.

That being siad Shulk combos will change and as u said will still deal a shit load of damage, it seems like she got to many wall bounce moves leaving her super out. I dont even know wat the end of the combo will be… Sigh in the Lab i guess… My main will be Frank West so i hope she will be in that team with him…

all of shulks changes point to a emphasis on throw resets IMO, which i always thought was her main strength. i’m pretty sure there’s some other things about her that weren’t covered in the changelog but we’ll realize soon enough.

After seeing the Max video, it looks like her emphasis isn’t just resets - it looks like capcom wants Shulk players to use her more as a battery, like Vanilla Wesker. Wesker didnt need to use supers, he just beat on you for a while meterless, and gained meter from his huge HP, and then you used said meters for the next character.

Thats how I prefer to use her anyway, and although it pained me to see the reduced range on her slide, I hope it all works out for the best. I like how it turns out it is possible to combo after the swing move, hopefully that plays a larger part in her overall gameplan.

The only thing I wish capcom had changed was the first hit of her lvl 1 using a wallbounce, I always hated how after hitting someone with a taking out the trash reset I couldn’t combo into her hyper for full damage and now it seems to not only still be in effect, but they tossed in two new moves that also use a wallbounce(technically one but w/e).

Oh well, with the loss of the DHc glitch, x-factor nerf and combos becoming shorter shorter overall I guess she-hulk needed to be re-evaluated or she might have been a little BS, and id rather have all these changes(now at least, we will see how I feel 6 months down the line) than have her lose hp tbh.

Max has two new vids using her she looks pretty good still. Im not sure if I will drop or keep her…

it also looks like she’s gained a new emphasis on super armored moves, which will help her contend with keepaway chars considering what she’s lost, which also tells me pole swing has armor or something on it. that move can’t be naked.