I'm workign on a new cvs2 vid.... want a preview?

Just something Im currently working on.

I havent done any video editing and I still have to run through hours of footage looking for highlights but you can see what I have now…

Also, tell me what youre thinking… ect I always appreciate good quality feedback.

www.obot64.com/media the file is called The Project (wrokign title)

Nice video man, a lot of good shit. Hated the BGM tho.

More proof that I should not even bother trying to learn this game seriously now, cuz everyone else is just too far ahead.

Not bad.

That little clip with R1 Geese vs. R2 Terry was hot stuff. All the other stuff proved to be entertaining as well.

My only complaint is that the background music is, in my opinion, lousy. But that may just be me. Also, I’d make that clip of N Ryu vs. P Hibiki a little bit shorter.

Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the finished product.

That Geese was crazy.

Good stuff.

But the song was kind of annoying.

Love, La Bamba

Thanks for the replys!

Dont like the bgm eh… menither.

I’m actuly still planning on using the same song but a diffrent (better) verson of it. My cousin still has to mix it for me…

Also, just so you knw that was TKK’s geese with the parry action.

edit: also the sound qulity of mp3 of that song is horrible…

yup. make sure you kill that song for the final vid.


You guys need to realize you can turn off the sound of the clip and play the mp3 of your choice if you dont like the selection that comes with any particular combo movie. I do this all the time (even with my older vids). :confused:

So I dont really think the BGM used is an issue.

I dug that parry exhibtion, are there by chance a lot of missed parries we aren’t seeing make the preview?


My leet is not so good. can anyone translate this?

the best i can do is: oh, his/is 9 uggh, 09, hg oh five why … on go for broke hub, ok good night

Is that even close?

But still ytwojay, I feel like I owe you a formal response so: mnaf09uje2rhb2jnvdn809r

Cheap_Scrub: what do you mean missed parrys… you mean parry attempts? that fucked up?

I always dig your vids man. Looking forward to the full version.

yeah that geese was pretty hot but i don’t get why he didn’t just do cr.jab s.fierce mk jaei ken. Was he baiting that super? So is this like…CVS2 mix ups or something?

Always liked your vids obot. I like peeps who share the strats instead of holding on to them like a richman holds on to his turd n money.

When Vice and Geese switched…:wow:

Umm yeah, shit where people fucked themselves over pretty badly, that common?

Thanks for the support. You dont know how many times I feel like Im on a desert island isolated… I dont know if i’m goanna be posting vids at this time next year… but if i do it will be because of people like you that voice their appreciation.

My mother told me that sharing was caring. I care about people, i share with people. Enough said?

You like that dont you.

Cheap_Scrub: its kinda hard to tell… when a p grover messes up… and it wouldent make good vid materal… unles… nah!

I like the vid. I also liked the music. It wasn’t really well suited for the video material, though. You see, the music was a little to busy, but the video footage had a nice flow to it that didn’t really mesh well with the music.

Also, I’m not sure what the significance of some of those clips were. Like the 3rd clip in feat. n-ryu vs p-hibiki. Did I miss something special here?

Wacky is always good. More random sillyness please. I’d really like to see some S groove hotness in the final version, too.

Nice preview, I will check out your final version for sure.

that fucking geese damn dude haha

btw wheres the ads? i went looking to click on one but couldnt find it

damn that geese was a monster