Image/art request for stick

Hello, I was hoping I could get someone to help me with an arcade stick artwork design I am going to mock up. I want to do an SF4 TE stick with all of the shotokan characters (akuma, ryu, ken, Dan, guoken, maybe sakura too) in chibi form like puzzle fighter. I found art work for everyone except Gouken of course. So I was wondering if someone would be willing to take the challenge to do a chibi Gouken that matches the style of the others.

I am probably going to use these images for all the characters but I am going to change them back into their original outfit colors.

These are kind of nice but I don’t think they would look nice on an arcade stick.

I am going to try and mock up a rough design but I think I am going to do characters along the bottom below stick and buttons; regular street fighter logo left of the stick and “shoto scrub” above the buttons.

Thoughts, ideas, opinions welcome. Also, if I should have put this in the tech talk area please let me know.

I will paypal anyone who can pull it off $1. That’s US currency we are talking about here! :slight_smile: It cant hurt to try I guess.

dont worry about the dollar, i whipped something up real quick but just let me know if its about what you are looking for. I could try a different pose or something. I didnt want to work on something forever and find out you didnt really like it. Im not great at photoshop so if you want something really clean and colored like the others youll have to ask someone else to do that for you.

Whoa, hey dude that is really sweet. That looks a lot like they style of the others. I think the pose is really fitting for Gouken too.

high five :slight_smile:

Reworked it, cleaned it up a bit. Will try to color it.

Close enough I guess.


damn, that’s real nice neo. good shit.

thanks guys. after it was done I compared it to the other pics and realized i should have made my lines thinner, but oh well.

Thank you sooooo much Neo. You are awesome!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

NeoBlood that is amazing! looks really great. are you going to do more shotos like this? hope so. that gouken is dope sauce

Well he just asked for a Gouken to go with the pre existing Pocket Fighter art so I did this. Im probably not going to do any more mainly because Im still trying to put my efforts into the CSFAC (even though Im totally late on Balrog and Fuerte)

There’s someone on the fanart looking for a Chibi Blanka drawing. Please help him out if you can.

looks at rep groove
Sigh. I don’t like being neg-repped into oblivion.

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I’ve had that happen so often w/ people on gametap! (137…)

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