Image Guide to Cody's ranges



This is a guide to the maximum range of all of Cody’s moves. They include both the move hitting on it’s maximum distance and the maximum range it can be performed at and successfully hit. There is a margin of error of less than 1/4th of the smallest training square as I tested each move ~10 times or more until I had it spaced perfectly. Obviously different characters have different hurtboxes so this guide is meant as just that a “guide” not a rulebook.

Every image was taken in 1080p resolution with the HUD display turned off. complete album of all ‘on hit’ images.
Here is the starting positions in one album: Closest you can be to Ryu (without taking advantage of reeling animations) The maximum distance for “Close normals” any farther than this and you will get a far normal attack. (Varies slightly based on opponents pushbox size, Ryu is a good standard though.) Focus attack (hit) Focus Attack maximum start distance 6MP Max Range (Hit) 6MP Maximum start distance 6HK Max Range (Hit) 6HK Max start distance 6HP Max Range (Hit) 6HP Max Start distance. c.LK hit max range. c.LK max start distance c.MK hit max range c.MK Max start distance c.HK hit max range c.HK max start distance c.LP hit max range c.LP Max start distance c.MP hit max range c.MP Max start distance c.HP hit max range c.HP max start distance far s.LP hit max range far s.LP max start distance far s.MP hit max range (doesn’t hit on the first active frame actually hits I think on the last one) far s.MP max start distance far s.HP hit max range far s.HP max start distance far s.LK hit max range far s.LK max start distance far s.MK hit max range far s.MK max start distance far s.MK (With knife) hit max range far s.MK (with knife) max start distance far s.HK hit max range far s.HK max start distance s.LP (with knife) hit max range s.LP (with knife) max start distance s.MP (with knife) hit max range s.MP (with knife) max start distance s.HP (with knife) hit max range s.HP (with knife) max start distance c.LP (with knife) hit max range c.LP (with knife) max start distance c.MP (with knife) hit max range c.MP (with knife) max start distance c.HP (with knife) hit max range c.HP (with knife) max start distance LP Badstone Maximum Range MP Badstone Maximum Range HP Badstone Maximum range (with badstone active to show hit position at ankle) LP and MP hit at the ankle as well for those screenshots. LP Criminal Upper (Tornado) LP Criminal Upper (Full) MP Criminal Upper (Tornado) MP Criminal Upper (Full) HP Criminal Upper (Tornado) HP Criminal Upper (Full) Max distance for EX Criminal Upper (Tornado) Max distance for EX Criminal Upper (Full hits) Level 3 Zonk Knuckle EX Zonk Knuckle LK Ruffian Kick MK Ruffian Kick (God this thing is shorter than you’d expect, they should increase the active frames to match how long his leg is extended lol) HK Ruffian Kick EX Ruffian Kick Max Range For a throw to hit Max Range MK Kara Throw Max Range HK Kara Throw b.MP Max starting distance

For whoever was putting together the Cody Prisoner Handbook feel free to use these images, I figured it helps people figure out exactly their best/maximum ranges which is why I turned off HUD and did every screenshot in 1080p


so wait, cody’s far st. mk has more range when he has the knife?


<br><blockquote class=“Quote”>
<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/29317/melovegames">melovegames</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>so wait, cody’s far st. mk has more range when he has the knife?</div>

Yes I actually discovered that about a month or two ago and posted in the match up thread. Cody’s far s.MK with knife has more reach however further investigation shows that the hurtbox is likewise increased in size as well, though the difference in positioning of the hitbox vs the increase in the hurtbox is not equal. (the hitbox is moved forward 0.15 units while the hurtbox is increased only 0.1 units in position / size a net gain for Cody that puts the hitbox at almost the edge of the hurtbox now)<br><br>It’s the ONLY kick attack that is different while holding the knife though. <br><br><br>


Does this have any impact on his kara throw range using mk?


@ostkatten No it does not, only the hitbox/hurtbox positions are different (his hurtbox is actually larger) but what seems to control kara canceling is based on the actual moves animation and the frame data is the exact same.


@Eternal Ok, thanks!


Updated main post with starting positions for move ranges. I seriously hope this helps someone because making all the images, organizing them, and posting them took me ~4 1/2 hours XD