Image in sig

really nubbby, but idk where i would find this. How do i put somehing in my sig. If any of u know what aviary is i made it in that. It says this is for forums url=][img[/img][/url
but im not getting the actual image just these words. help pls

edit there are [ and ] at the ends but i took them out to show u what im seeing

Wanna know why it doesn’t work?

Honestly, have you seen anyone with an image in his sig?

i dont see a BB code anywhere on aviary, urgh so confused, ehh not really but this stuff was sexy i made it from scratch ok.

Images in sigs are not allowed. So says, SRK.

Let me break down what I previously quoted.

The “this is for forums” is actually BBCode, which isn’t allowed. Additionally, what makes you think you can shove a 625 x 625 image in your signature?

Go back to smashboards

ok thanks guys, sorry i shouldnt have assumed that images are allowed just cuz other forums allow it. And i was never on smash boards, so that was kind of un-needed.