Image Mishmash .psd Repository


Reserving second post.

This is a good idea. Many thanks.

I’ve been trying to get back into using pshop even though I’m terrible at it… hopefully this will help me.

i’ll NEVER be at that level

^ Same here. Props on the Sad Link tag, too.

Yeah, Stabby’s thread is quite useful… dood.

great thread :tup:

thanks ytwoj!

i really like your use of gradiant coloring and really appreciate the opportunity to learn from your psds!

OMG !!! *rips

saves spot

Pick some out and I’ll host them . . .

My contribution to the thread:



word up…hey mr.tat guy…can u host the rksig, helenasig, and the deathnote av… :smiley: …just tryin pick up a few thingz…y2j…cool stuff…your linkz is givin’ me the 404 though :frowning:

Hmm… I’m not 120% sure but it may not be a good idea to use this thread anymore due to this:

Better safe then sorry, right… dood?

wow subscribed. this is seriously useful I hope to gain some knowledge from these psds thanks guys

This thread was a failure anyway. IMM makes me sad :wasted:

Still offering any of mine. . . .

=O …i asked for some already a few posts up…

Tat guy and y2j…if u cant upload em anywhere maybe u can send it through aim?? that would be tight…

my AIM is SirSmoov…many thank yous…

I’ll have to look for the psds, but once I find them I’ll post up.

If this thread is still goin’ on, I’ll add some stuff. I’ve posted sporadically in the showcase thread and I just started a request thread that has a bunch of my stuff in it. If anyone has specific psd’s they’d like to see I don’t care to share (there are only a few psds I don’t wanna share for reasons I don’t care to explain). If not I’ll just put up some of the ones I like.

But I think I speak for everyone willing to give psds when I say: For Tutorial Use Only DON’T rip mah stuff!!!

Also, anyone got a site to upload psds to?