Image resize request

I want my avatar to be the premium size, but still look as good. I don’t have a bigger version, i’m sorry.

Whoever does this gets some rep I suppose.

Good Luck to whoever takes this. :wgrin:

Great av.

like this?

Yeah, like that but I want it to be sharp.

thanks for the attempt, but is there anyway it could be sharpened? I dont care if a bit of him gets cut off on the resize, whatever makes it look best.

HAHAHAHA … ‘like this’ … HAHAHAHA … hilarity

since the source pic is so small its not going to look sharp when resized

Without the full image, it always looks strecthed.

I honestly like it the way it is though. =7[

thanks for the attempts. im gonna just keep this one.

Damn guys, use your freaking thinking caps a little.

I’ll give it a try when I get home :3.

ooh i wonder how this will end …

darned you Master Chibi, you made me think!

oh well, it’s just a quick and dirty. I hope it doesn’t offend anyone or anything.

^That’s pretty good!

nice techtrow didnt even think of that way lol

someone actually neg’d me on this thread so i’ve been feeling a bit bummed but thanks for the positive comments Ephidel and TRTerror!

See you around the forum!