Image + sizes of Fightstick TE first edition (searched)

i want so change the buttonlayout on my Fight Stick TE (edition 1) pls help with pictures and exakt sizes of the TE inner steel plate and maybe althou the outer one!

photoshop would be the best but anything else could help

When you say “button layout,” you mean you want to change it to something like an Astro City style format? You should check out Welcome to Art’s Hobbies, they are full replacements for your metal plate of your TE. You can configure your layout here: Welcome to Art’s Hobbies

Or, if you want an exact template of the faceplate, I’d look at the full cover of the TE, all available there. Welcome to Art’s Hobbies

I’m guessing you’d want the full panel? But I’m not sure what you want to exactly do. So, I just gave you the link to all of them.

hes from europe… I think Bencao74 would be a better bet to get plexi no?

but it also sounds like he wants to get measurments to drill into his exsisting metal plate

Oh, yes, I didn’t notice location. But, since he wanted photoshop, then he can get template of arthong. Of course, benaco74 is at

i need a replacement metalplate too since i want to change the buttonlayout totaly thats why i need help

plexi with a other button layout would not help becouse the buttons need to be fixex too i never thought of drilling inside the exiisting metal plate maybe a good idee

You can get a acrylic replacement for the metal plate from Art or Bencao.