Image Universe Cross Over Event - Done in One Issue?

Robert Kirkman is going to have an entire crossover with the rest of the Image Universe in Invincible 60.
A double sized issue event. :woot:

lol dat niggas crazy.

Wha really?! I thought it was just Invincible and Wolfman. It’ll be neat to see how he pulls it off.

Looks good, but i’m more excited about Image U****nited (with Silvestri, McFarlane, Larsen, Liefeld, Portaccio all drawing their characters in a six-issue mini written by Kirkman).

that does sound alot more cooler.

I wish Jim Lee would have been able to participate, unfortunately his contract with DC forbids him from doing so.

^What was the last series Jim Lee worked on OTHER than Frank Millar’s Batman and Robin?

Here’s more info and Images of Image United:

He did the first issue of Wildcats, volume 4, with Grant Morrison. It was supposed to be a monthly, drawn by Lee. Which is hilarious.

Who cares about Image United?
I can promise you this issue comes out on time, and well before they get all those artists to do that mess of a book.

Who cares if it’ll be late or not?

I’ll take a six-issue self-contained mini-series written by Kirkman and drawn by six Image founders in a unique way (each drawing their own character) over dozens of characters crammed into one issue of an ongoing comic drawn by an average artist any day.

Well first and foremost, the thread isn’t about Image United.
If I wanted to let people know about that or talk about it, I would have made a thread for that.

Second, the people who want to buy it will care if it’s late.
Anyone remember the Image Anniversary special whatever they did that took years to come out?
Multiply that by 6.
I have faith in Kirkman, not in the rest of them.

I think Ottley is far better than most of those guys anyways, and Invincible is arguably the best book at Image. (out period)
So it’s a total win as far as I’m concerned.

Ottley’s not “average.” He’s got more storytelling skills and a better sense of design than most, if not all, of the Image founders. Erik Larsen is probably the only one of those dudes who is actually skillful at comic book storytelling.

I’m with zephyranthes

mugen the comicbook. :rofl: :rofl:

Too bad no Jim Lee though. =/

I’ve been following Invincible the whole way through, but not so much the other Image books so the crossover will be fun for me. (I may have to look at Wolfman a bit more now).

One thing I would have rathered each artist drew part of the book then their own character. It could come off disjointed. Who is inking and coloring? That will go a long way to trying to establish a cohesiveness.

Now that the terrible Invincible crossover issue has passed (even Kirkman admited it didn’t work)… Time for Kirkman’s Image United. Interview with Kirkman:

Preview pages:

Kirkman can do these things for two reasons:

1: He’s well liked by other creators.


2: He doesn’t have to draw it, he just has to describe it!

I pity the poor artist who has to draw all of those characters, unless his last name is George Perez.