Post all good AI images here please

you might want to fix all three links first. just a thought. :tup:

fixed upon request

Tat guy allready made some just so you know.

Maybe you could just ask him to recolor or make it the way you want? Was just letting you know.

=[ i thought we were closer then that?

i thought you were to busy to make it, no respond on your thread :frowning: i asked john he said nada. So i just assumed you were busy. No doubt id want you to make it over everyone else, but at the same time i dont wanna be a bother to you

yea i have been busy im finishing a concert flyer for david banner but when i was done wit that i was gunna make this av =[

alrighty playa ill wait on you :tup:

You go to AI too?

I think their images are too risky for SRK. :chat:

We’re talking about the same AI right? :xeye:

Perhaps not sas O.O perhaps not… :wink: