Images fixed, use jpeg and png again! Read Post 33!

It was a internal SRK error and the program we were using to read images, everything should be back to normal.


Good to know, thanks Wiz. :tup:

Oh, and FIRST! LOL

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:amazed: I came.


thank u thank u thank u!!!

I’d be closing the thread about only using gifs…except I can’t seem to find it. lol.


Thanks a bunch Wiz!

My avatar upload isn’t working today, is something wrong? It keeps saying “file upload failed”. I’ve tried to upload 48k avs well as 20k avs. I have premium privileges.

what gives?

Yeah I had a problem as well. I tried to upload an AV and got this message:

Warning: getimagesize(): Read error! in **/includes/class_image.php **on line 1595

I hope that helps fix the trouble.

I can’t upload any JPEGs.
It keeps saying: Upload of file failed.


I was gonna post a question in a new thread, because I’m a noob. But seems everyone else has the same problem. I can’t even host the pic somewhere else and link it. And it’s a 2kb gif.


i cant even upload attachments either.

somebody help me! help me, please!

:wasted: - error! error!

I just made an avatar in gif format and the upload isnt working for me ethier, even if I direct link it from another image host it still won’t work, just another file read error or whatever.

ive upgraded the software, please try now.

Still don’t wanna work. :frowning:

Roundhouses the software Chuck Norris-style

ditto. She is no go, wizard.

Now I get a different error message:

Warning: getimagesize(): Read error! in **/includes/class_image.php **on line 1615

Image Invalid

I wonder if the image is really invalid or if I’m having the same problem as everyone else. I’ll have to get around to asking the tag-maker I got it from…

I get the same thing Mr. LongSh0t. I guess it is a php error with the 1615 line in that file. If I had access to it or what it looks like, I could dicipher the code and pipoint the problem.

try now.