Images in Signatures?


Did we make a change to allow images in signatures? I am seeing them everywhere. Please make it stop.


I agree x_x It looks so damn messyyyyy!


Yes please remove that option until the devs add a personal option not to load image sigs.


Looks to be a bug. Some guys have already been warned for adding them in. Let’s hope it gets taken out again soon.


Oh thank GOD for that. I was getting irritated, because I’ve yet to see one that doesn’t look obnoxious.


Let’s make this happen please?


Indeed. :frowning:


I say just get rid of all of them. Every single one.




Can’t you just turn sigs off in your prefs? I hadn’t noticed, TBH.


They will be turned off. They are supposed to be but once in a while it fucks up. As soon as Wiz gets a moment he’ll fix it. Or I’ll just start infracting people with them :slight_smile:


Yes you can, but I’d rather not resort to that. Some people actually put useful information in their sigs, like tournament info or sales thread pages. I myself advertise my modding services in my sig, so people turning off signatures entirely en masse is a bad thing for me.


And there we go. Wiz has turned them off again.


I’m still seeing them. Is this a caching issue or something, or is it going to stay for people who already have them?


Who do you see with them? Link post.


Here you go:


Weird. All the other ones seem to have disappeared. Anyway, I sent that one to Wiz.


Well, there are others in that thread, as well as the Premo section.


Or this:


It should be all good now. Link them to me if ever you still see some.