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Written by Schlagman Adam, Rich Buckler, Ron Marz, Lee Moder.

Mature Readers
’THRONE OF BLOOD,’ Part One The sole surviving descendant of a once-proud samurai clan, Shinku wages a solo war against a powerful vampire clan that has lurked in the shadows for centuries. An epic of horror and martial arts set in modern Japan, but with roots in the feudal past, writer RON MARZ (WITCHBLADE, ARTIFACTS) and artist LEE MODER (Wonder Woman, Legion of Super-Heroes) will serve up sexy, bloody, ongoing action every month. If you’re looking for vampires that sparkle … this ain’t it.


Any one else reading this, I really have been enjoying it


Ron Marz is a rich man’s Scott Lobdell.


LOl dont know if its a compliment or insult lol i enjoy his work on redhood and the outlaws, was excited on teen titans until each issue never made sense because the rest of the story was told elsewhere in some crossover


Uh, I guess it’s a really backhanded compliment… I think Lobdell is one of the most terrible comics writers ever. He’s definitely in my top ten worst writers. Ron Marz isn’t as bad but there’s something about his style that reminds me of Lobdell.


Ill take it, i expect garbage cheese writing with blood guts and more cheese factor and blatant sex sales art work…and a dab of xtra cheese on my cheesy LOL


Check this out:

I think that column is my favorite thing Marz has ever written. And I grew up obsessively collecting his (and Ron Lim’s) Silver Surfer comics in the '90s.


Well from reading that he owes his brother a hooker and a handjob ,