Imaginative 2013 Changes :p



Idk this forums been lacking fire, why not spice it back up and keep us talking. What would you guys like as changes if there were to ever be a 2013? This mostly applies to Fei of course, but even list other characters if you’d like. COUGH CAMMY COUGH :nunchuck:


Cammy needs what happened to Fei in 2012. I slight damage reduction on normals and perhaps an extra frame or two on the regular DK.

Right now she hits far too hard for a character with a superior mix up game and good footsie’s. Also the counter hit fierce into ultra is insanely stupid.

As for Fei, my choices would be more creative than game changing. I find him boring, especially at higher levels. Just what that would be thought I can’t think without making him broken. Right now I don’t really like that whichever option you choose, your roughly doing the same damage. Perhaps let the U1 juggle 3 hits on all characters so there’s a reason to spend meter there, or let the EX rekka have juggle properties instead of frame advantage.

Not really sure. I don’t think 2013 is going ahead anymore anyway.


less negative sweep. no range. why so negative?

make it so you cant negative edge rekkas. i hate when i block confirm, but the second rekka busts out anyway

better frames on close roundhouse. so i can get at least +4 on counter hit. not necessary but it would give him another close normal to frame trap with. just for variety sake

overhead +1 or at least even on hit against crouching characters. i think its stupid to be -1 on hit at close range


Definitely respect removing that negative edge rekka nuisance, I hit confirm it anyway so piano’ing it doesnt matter so much to me. I would like the arc of Chickenwing to go back to the way it was in super. I know the cross ups were OP but there’s gotta be a better way to resolve that than give him a damn near close to as bad arc as vanilla lol


Hi guys, I’m trying to compile a buff list for every character - mostly is for fun, but there are a lot of rumors, so you never no…
So, for Fei Long, this is what I think:

  • M Flame Kick: +10 dmg (130)
  • cr. MP: +10 dmg (65)
  • H Chicken Wing: +20 dmg (120) - it did 140 in AE
  • Chicken Wing: hit connect after a crossup
  • cl MP: C.W. canceled from MP connects with the opponent

Give him back some of his dmg - Fei dmg isn’t that high, he needed some nerfs, but H Cw 140 to 100 ? come on.
And give back the AE CW properties - to make him more fun.
I’m curious what do you guys think - would like something else, this would be too much, etc. Keep in mind that most of the characters would also get buffs, and more substantial.
I would also like to make Fei a little more interesting - I’m thinking something with his CW - what should be done so his death combo works on more characters ? (asuming cl mp becomes cancelable again). Or maybe to open more combo posibilities - something difficult, but damaging - like ToD in ST. Maybe adding +1 hitstun for Ex Cw ? or slightly lowering the CW start up ?


The cross over CW was a bit random, even Fei players found it hard to actually pull it off with any consistency. Also I know folk really thought it was BS since really it was extremely hard to block and not hard to link from (saying that the amount of BS in this game is high level).

If everyone gets buffed then I’d just switch him back to Super Fei with AE’s rekka frame data.

Like I mentioned a little more application for Ultra 1 and meter would be the go but Capcom hardly have the track record of changing characters just for fun.

thinking wayyy outside the box from a fun stand point - you could give him a target combo or make his launch for better mix up opportunity’s.


Only change i want is +1 On cr lk on block so he has actual ways to frame trap Balrog.


I respect this shit.


I think AE rekkas were a little…too much. I think rekkas nerfs are one of the nerfs capcom nailed it - still excelent, but less braindead.

But what about Super ? what are the difference between v.2012 Fei and Super Fei ? I only know of the H CW invincibility in super - and I’m not sure if Fei really needs this, he already has a strong game against Ryu and Sagat.


That’s what I mean. Give him the nerfed AE2012 (god I hate these version names) rekka’s but return him to Super Fei.

Super Fei was basically everything on your list. Damage, Cross up CW, Death Combo. But no retarded rekka or knockdown jab - he was my favorite version. They could keep the CW non -inv the same on the HK. Good Fei’s don’t rely on that.

Sagat and Ryu need buffed anyway, particularly Sagat (my secondary). Sagat’s probably the most overrated character in the game. He needs his TK damage back (the second hit of a TK is 40 damage… retarded) plus a little frame advantage and also his cancel into TS. They also need to fix his retarded cross under Ultra in the corner which has been in the game since day 1.

Ryu is a tough one though, he’s just on the edge of being great. With him having decent everything it’s hard to single out an area of his game that needs improved. It’s more like the characters that can negate zoning are too strong not that the zoning characters are too weak.


I think Super Fei with AE2012 Rekka frame data would be real close to being the best version of Fei (of course AE Fei is king). That invincibility on HK CW changes so many OS knockdown setups ups it’s amazing.


Cause EX Rekka is heavenly.


For cosmetic changes give Fei back his far standing roundhouse back from Alpha 3 best looking normal in an SF game and give back his walking animation from SF2
(Yes i know its obvious there would be no changes like this)


Yeah SF2 walk for sure. Also bring back the SF2 stages…and the old SF4 commentator.




It would be nice to give some more utility, maybe cancelable to cw only. Also forward+hk (1st or 2nd hit only) could use this feature.

More range on his sweep.

But hopefully capcom makes sf5 with new animations and movesets.


Forgot one change, fix rekkas on hit so it moves him closer to the opponent so that randomly characters like sakura dont fall out of rekkas on hit, this is the main thing i would want.


I have the same problem with honda off Cr. LP sometimes. Stupid


Using the second rekka with the MP version should get rid of that problem. It affects mostly the 2nd LP rekka. My preference goes to 1st LP, 2nd MP, 3rd LP.


Expect some nerfs guys! :stuck_out_tongue: