Imagine you are at SRK on March 30, 1995 and we are talking about fighting games!


Being inspired by this thread, I wonder what would SRK be like in 1995? The rules are that all of the discussion is related in the time period as of today fifteen years ago and SRK is some kind of online BBS and/or Newsgroup ala


Oh man, I love Street Fighter but my SNES is getting rather old. Super Street Fighter 2 is fun but I wish I could get a PC and play the upcoming PC port of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Would the controller for the system be as good as the SNES gamepad? Only if Nintendo releases a version of Street Fighter for the Ultra 64 but I do not want it to look like the other 3d games for the system.

Those games are bad. Play SF4 instead.

Fatal Fury 2 on SNES is pretty freakin’ sweet, best 2D fighter of 1994 baby!