Imitating octagon arcade stick

For arcade stick,
I already know how square and Circular stick feel like, but i want to know how
Octagon style arcade stick feel like. Is there a way to manic the feel of that kind of Octagon stick?
The reason is because i want to buy a custom stick for upcoming D2 games.

play on the square gate and imagine it a bit more circular
play on the circular gate and imagine it with corners.
thats how it feels honestly.

Do you like square gate? Because if you get a custom I’m sure you can get the builder to throw in an octagon gate for a couple more bucks.

Personally I really like the octagonal gates. They give you the benefit of the corner points for acurate inputs, but feel a bit more natural than the square gates (especially for 360s and 720s).


I’ve always found octagonal gates great for the “SNK motion”–qcf, hcb + button or qcb, hcf + button. On square or circular gates I sometimes go too far on the quarter circle, but with the octagonal gates you know exactly when you’ve reached horizontal and can go the other way.

I like square for 3d games (Vf5), but for d2 game i need circular shape. I just wonder how a octagon feel for d2 games and 3d