IMM Splash Battle, yes or no?

Ok this is an idea I have, since everyone wants some sort of battle, I’d like to see a Splash/Wallpaper battle. DO NOT ASK FOR A TAG OR AV BATTLE! Don’t even bother posting if you have any reference at all to a tag or av battle, I dont give a shit about those, let’s do something new (for this site anyways). I already have a theme in mind that I think most everyone would enjoy. This is strictly a yes or no and WOULD YOU ACTUALLY SUBMIT thread. I need to know if there are reliable people out there that can meet a deadline and not show up 2 weeks later and say OMG I 4GET!! Vote in the poll, post as well if you wish and let me know if you can be counted upon to make something in 2-3 weeks. Thats pretty much it, if there are enough would be contestants that will submit (at least 10 any less aint worth it) then we shall get it on shortly after this thread has served its purpose.

Congrats for reading this far unless you skipped lines, then shame on you, lazy bastard.

shaddup, you.

Count me in unless your “idea” is ultra gay. Something is wrong with my aol. I can’t vote. Count this as it or else you’ll rot in jewland.

edit: count draig in. He’s having posting problems.

Are you okay? Buster wolf!

I’ll be in even though I’m a big newbie.


yeah. whatever.

I posted that I would not enter it, but I will offer to host the entries on my site for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Your border is scaring me. :frowning:

Who would be hosting this? Please nobody teh ghey.


Anyway, I’m willing to judge/help out, but I’m not entering.

Your white border on your avatar, of course.
It’s in the inside instead of being on the outside.

id enter.:o

Allright!!! I may enter. :o

i’ll enter if the idea is good

I’m down

im down like a clown in china town, u know i make a splash like every week

Just as long as it’s something YOU actually like this time. You don’t even seem to like your own stuff. =/

The idea I had, was music. Incorporate lyrics from a song into your piece and relate the piece to the lyrics (if possible, if not then just make it look good). Basically some nice, visible lyrics would be required, also the name of the song and band with your post (not on the piece). I like this idea because it incorporates type into it which not everyone uses. I am open to suggestions though, just something different from what is done all the time.

Sure, you roodipoo.

The music/type idea is pretty cool, but on a splash? That kind of grates against what I normally associate with splashes.

This going to be limited to video game stuff?

Music spans so many genres, if you choose video game music thats up to you, but I dont think many people relate to video game music and therefore wont use those lyrics(most are japanese, i havent heard many video games in america with original music that have lyrics). Think of it as the size then, not an actual splash although having a nice quote on a splash (such as lyrics) would probably entice people more to 1) look at the piece longer 2) actually go into the site because they read something and DID look longer or liked what they read and want more. It can go either way. Also if you guys want to make it a wallpaper battle so we can all use them (I would make a wall for it) then we can do that as well, maybe even optional. But of course we need more contestants before it goes down. Until then we can speculate and plan.

I was thinking more of the overall theme of the piece being video games, not the music. Could be a Guilty Gear XX/P.O.D. piece, ne?

Entering (kinda) so far:
Soul Ebelius

how many more are you lookin for?

hmmm i like the music idea, i could do that