IMM Splash Battle, yes or no?


How long would we have to do this in ?


2-3 weeks, so its not a terribly long wait and so you have enough time to get things done.


Well if thats what most people want then fine, but everyone does video games, like I said I was hoping to take a step away from that.

at least 2 more people would be good. If we do wallpapers I will submit one.


I’d enter if I knew the max dimensions and what the final theme is. Music sounds very fun.


well for one, i’m not up to locking myself down with the relm of just video games. as broad as i could make it, i’d still rather have even more of a world to work with. the musical lock is enough.

second, i’m not in the mood to make a wallpaper. a splash is just fine with me.
i really don’t feel like tagging anymore(except collaborations), so taking the time on a wallpaper is something i’m not feeling. at least at the moment that is.

if people don’t agree with what i just said, then make me a judge for this competition instead. i’m pretty sure that everyone knows that i’m unbiased when it comes to everyone’s work around here, and that i tell it like it is.


I skipped everything TG posted.:smiley:

Count me and my lazy ass in.


Alright guys, Im thinkin Splash battle 200x200-400x500 max, the theme stips I posted earlier and the contestants thus far. I am thinking on the official starting date as next thursday, my last day of design school is weds of next week. So if you can hold off on starting on your piece until then, please do so. Deadline will be 2-3 weeks.

We Need 2 judges. Rei is the first, I am going to enter the battle. So two qualified judges post in here and let me know why you are qualified and that will be that. We will start next week.


Can I be judge?


heh count me in


We need 2 more judges folks.


i’ll be a judge.


Yeah i will too, dont feel like entering


Wow, I haven’t made anything in a few weeks time to get back into it.

I’m in


Turkey Day it shall commence, though no one will probably start then. COWBOYS VS DOLPHINS WOOOT!!!