Imma newbie help plz?


So Im new to the whole UMvC thing and I was wondering what would be the best team to go with Spencer on point? Ever since I watch some of Combofiend’s stuff on YouTube I’ve been wanting to use Spencer. I dont play online yet, but coming next week I’ll be on PSN. So I’m wondering, with Spencer on point who will be the team to go online with?

BTW no Wesker, Pheonix, or Vergil please. They seem so overused and abused.


I recommend that you ask in the Newbie area instead of here; people may not like being asked to build a team for you.

Good luck!


Why restrict yourself from using good characters? Play to win.

Vergil, Hawkeye, Wesker, Doom, Taskmaster, Sentinel, and Magneto all work well with Spencer.


Emil09? LOL


didn’t see that one coming


Isn’t there a rule against making threads about “Help me make a team!!1!” and shit like that?


If you’re just coming into the Marvel 3 universe, I wouldn’t start with Spencer until you get a better feel for it.


Spencer is hard to use because of his lack of substantial moves. He has Like 2 real moves. Once you get the basics of mvc down, he’ll be a little easier to use.