Imma Pimp your ava. just ask meh

i will always return to beast image mishmash for a few weeks.

you know the rules.

-sprites only
-provide the sprite, im not searching lol.
-no animations
-no team avas
-dont request more than 2 at a time.
-if im getting backed up, BE PATIENT PLZ. you guys know i take my time
-if you request an ava from me, plz sport it for atleast 2 weeks.

its nice to be back for a while, i missed you all! :smokin:

:Pick Ups:

guys ED is an exception to the rules. sorry :frowning:

nice to see your still doin avatars, mind hooking me up?

thanx in advance the first frame of the gif is fine.:smokin:

something sick with this on the last frame. preferably with my name in it! thanks

I made an av request thread earlier. But no one answered. So I was hoping you could make me something with this. Also can you make my name small as possible?

could u try pimpin out my av? i dont have any specifics, just use ur imagination

aight. i gots alot to do.

EMDisruptor and Cynstar, if you guys could get me sprites that would be nice. :tup:

how to u post sprites on here?
i could give u the link

try it out man… or you can do my character i send you

aight. ill have most of these done by tom.

Don’t worry about it, but cheers mate!

tetsu don’t for get mmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee

sorry its taking forever, you guys know me.
im slow. ava’s will get done, just be patient

I dont know you seeing its the first time I requested an AV from you. But it’s all good.

hook a brotha up…last frame would be cool with my username somewhere in the avy…

stop partying to much then


ayo Tets hook ur boi up:bgrin:…use da current ava i gotz and juz play wit it…anything you want…juz make it look killa:cool: thanx in advance

Must be one long ass party.