Immaterial and Missing Power

Is there a scene for this game still or is it dead? I’m thinking that it’s dead just because all the videos of it on YouTube are 2-3 years old. I just found this game and it looks interesting. I just don’t know if it would be worth getting into. I know that there are 2 sequels of it but from what I’ve read it seems like IaMP is preferred over the other 2.

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have fun trying to beat anyone who’s been playing the game for 3-5 years.


iamp is pretty baller #iamp

I haven’t actually gotten into IaMP myself, but yeah, the other two games definitely aren’t worth getting into.

4chan’s /jp/ plays 12.3 pretty actively from what I’ve heard, but SWR and 12.3 are full of randomness.

play baco in iamp hes a fun palyer to play

zomB i see u have efz in yoru sig will u play me in EFZ>

The randomness isn’t really the problem with SWR/Soku, more just really, really annoying. Consider it like a meter game where you have to check the status of what’s available to decide on your options for the upcoming part. Less management on your part, more “what do I have to work with now?”

It’s just that the game is so dumbed down it’s basically flat out RPS once you break the game down. There’s a lot of stuff to memorize but it all basically comes back to that at some point. For IaMP players, who are mostly in it for its in-depth zoning game, it’s a real turn-off, since it de-emphasizes the interactions between the players for just giving you more stuff to memorize/pay attention to.

But if it’s a party game you want, well, Soku’s for you. Unfortunately this seems to be what most people want, given its popularity with the Touhou fanbase in Japan, so we probably won’t be seeing a proper IaMP sequel/followup. Which is a goddamn shame, as it’s a great fighting game with really interesting mechanics.

If I posted some replays of me and my friend playing could we get some advice on what we should work on? We aren’t expecting to be on the level of people who have been playing for 3-5 years at all.

Sure thing.

Fastest way is to get on IRC and ask, though. It’s kinda slow nowadays but people will pipe up if you say something.

YouTube - ImShiawase’s Channel

There’s the link to my YouTube page. All 13 of those matches are from our first day of playing the game and getting used to the controls so don’t expect anything amazing.I’m taking a liking to Marisa and the next time we do a set of matches I’m going to check out Alice.

  1. have you played other fighters prior to iamp
  2. don’t play alice.

I’ve played a bit of BlazBlue and Guilty Gear as well as SSF4 but I’m mediocre at best when it comes to them. The fighting game scene where I live is really, really small so when I play them it’s just with a few friends.

Uh wow. Those are first day matches alright, haha.

If you’re going to play this game, the most important thing to start off with is to learn how to move and how everything cancels into one another, especially HJCs and airdash cancels. You get a lot of freedom of movement, and it’s important to know how to utilize it effectively, so just experiment a bit or watch other players and try to imitate them. Don’t worry so much about combos at first.

Alice is one of the most difficult characters to learn how to play. We’ve had a lot of people try in #iamp but not too many have succeeded. New players tend to gravitate to Marisa, Sakuya, or Youmu, though pretty much anyone except Alice/Patchouli/Meiling is a fine starter.

i see. i would recommend watching the [media=youtube]H5NyiGU5EOg[/media] to understand the basics of the game. you guys aren’t really HJCing at all and that’s required as a basic movement concept in the game.

i would really recommend stopping by irc to ask questions and get games. bring your friends too. not everyone is a beast and we’d be more than willing to go through the basics with you guys.

yeah man i will play you at efz

you come to mizuumi sometimes right