Immigration Reform and the DREAM act

Now that health care reform is beginning to wrap up, I thought I’d make a thread discussing the next big issue in the US: Immigration Reform.

Particularly I wanted to touch on the Dream Act. For those who aren’t familiar, the dream act is a bill that would allow a path to legal residency for young people who are living in the US undocumented. Most of these people were brought to the US by their families when they were very young and grew up in America just like the rest of us. Through no fault of their own, they are put into a situation where they are living in fear of separation from their families and of deportation every single day. In addition, they are unable to legally work, drive, serve in the military, or receive financial aid making college an impossibility. Just to give you an estimate of how many people this affects: 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school each year.

The Dream Act would allow these people (mostly students) to gain a path to residency in exchange for completion of 2 or more years of college, or 2 years of military service. Moreover, there is a large number of skilled undocumented college graduates that are unable to work, thus hurting the American economy and wasting our educational resources.

Whatever your stance may be on illegal immigration, I think on a humane level, we can all be compassionate for the people who are in this situation due to the mistakes that their parents made for them when they were like 2. And although you may not be aware, it is likely that you have a friend, colleague, or family member that is living in the US undocumented.

The truth is that this bill makes sense. Perhaps more sense than anything else that will be proposed in immigration reform. The US government WANTS to keep these young, talented, and educated individuals. But unfortunately when politics is involved, you can expect to see a lot of controversy.

I personally would love to see this bill passed, if nothing else relating to immigration reform. It would alleviate punishment for the least culpable victims. And studies have shown that this bill would contribute immensely to our economy (as opposed to mass deportation).

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