Imp 2.1 Console Switching


I asked this in the newbie thread but recived no answer. Maybe this isn’t a “newbie” question so decided to post it here. Anyways, from my understanding the imp saves the console until plugged in with the “home” button pressed down again Right? Now what if i solder the switch to “rs” instead of the home button?

I’m not using the board that auto detects (Chulth?), But just gonna solder the ps3 pcb and brawlpad directly to the imp. if I solder the RS (Dp, ls, rs stick settings) active point to the detect “home” point on the board, will it change systems every time i plug it in with it on RS ? Or will Switching to rs be for 360, and DP be for ps3? Id like it to do the latter… RS for The 360 . Any way this is possible? Seems some people were able to achieve this. Debating on getting a dtdp switch If this isnt possible.


theres a thread for that


With the v2 imp, doing that will cause the stick to switch modes every time you plug in the stick. You’ll need the v1 imp to do what you want.


Ah. I suspected so. Thanks for the clarification!