Imp+MC.Cthulhu+RJ45 question

OK, I’ve just about wrapped everything up. I’m looking one last time at where these final wires between the IMP and the MC-Cthulhu and the RJ45 cable will go and I realize, I’ve got three tinned wires unaccounted for.

On the IMP board, my plans say to wire the GND point to one of the GND terminals on the Cthulhu. The VCC point is wired to the “V” point where the brown wire of my RJ45 cable would typically go. The 2D+ and 2D- points are each wired to the D+ and the D- points on my SE Fightstick’s PCB. The 1D+ point is wired to the “E” point of the Cthulhu (Green) and the 1D- point is wired to the “D” point of the Cthulhu (Blue-White).

What am I supposed to do with the Blue-White, Green, and Brown wires coming in from my RJ45 cable?

Those cables go to the D+/- on the IMP. on the top where you’d put usb cables through.
This way, the D+/- can pass through to the 360 pcb, or to their proper row on the cthulhu after you’ve booted/selected your pcb.
<edit> to further clarify, the reason you only need those two routed to the two of the four holes up top, is because the other two that would normally go there are the +5 and ground, and you can get those from either the imp, the cthulhu, or even from the 360 pcb, all three pcbs are sharing those. So you don’t need to even worry about those. The IMP just needs to be able to re-route the D+/-


Ah, it was staring me right in the face. Thanks, PaperTigre.