Imp Problems

I’ll keep it short and sweet here…

360 TE dual modded with MC Cthulu and Imp 1.1

Lend stick to friend, get stick back, stick no longer works on PS3… I plug in my stick to my 360 and it works, plug it into my PC and it works (and is detected as 360), plug it into my PS3 and it shows as an unknown USB device. Plug the cthulu board directly into the PS3 and it is detected properly and everything works as expected, that’s how I’ve narrowed this down to the Imp specifically.

When the stick is plugged into my 360 or PC the smaller chip on the Imp will get extremely hot… not like “wow that’s toasty” but “Ow my skin, my fucking skin, why is it melting?” hot.

I’ve double and triple checked the wiring and there doesn’t appear to be anything missing regarding the wires from the imp going to the cthulu so I’m sort of at a loss here.

I’ve got a replacement Imp already but trying to avoid resoldering everything if someone has a better idea.

Check this post?

But you say it is getting hot. That’s a bad thing. Probably a bad short somewhere. Easiest remedy is to replace it.

Yep been over most of these with a friend who is a bit more knowledgeable about electronics than I am. As I recall the voltage was showing too low.

What I find even more confusing here is that the Imp almost seems to be getting bypassed entirely given that it should default to the Cthulu PCB rather than the 360 one.

I’m assuming it’s faulty or has been damaged but just want to cover all of my bases :slight_smile: I haven’t 100% ruled out a short so I’ll go over all of the wiring again tonight.

Probably a ground shorting to Guide, making it default to 2D± instead of 1D±. Or your chip is just going berserk. I’d like to think the latter, much like I like to think Xbox 360s like to RROD because they want to be turned into lamps.

You should redo the wiring of the existing imp before replacing it. It sounds like one of the power wires (VCC or ground) got knocked loose in the wiring somewhere, which would cause the heat problem. If you’re lucky, fixing the problematic power wiring should fix everything assuming the imp hasn’t gotten cooked in the process.

Swapping the new Imp in may be avoidable. Taking a close look at your wiring and redoing some or all of it isn’t.

Checked all of the wiring again, no shorts that I can see. Plugging it into my PC seems to be a 70/30 split between “unknown device” and “Madcatz 360 Tournament Edition”.

Time to try with the new Imp tomorrow :\

Bring along a Lawful Evil wizard as Imp usually… wait, wrong imp. :lol:

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