Impact causes disconnection on TE


A PS3 TE that I dual modded to with a 360 TE PCB is giving me a “Please reconnect controller” message when the buttons are pressed hard enough. I isolated the problem to the turbo panel/main PS3 PCB. It only disconnects momentarily if the PS3 PCB is tapped on (or if there’s a big enough impact on the stick in general to make it shake, I suppose). The problem is only present on the 360 side, which I also find to be rather odd.

It won’t disconnect if I wiggle any of the wires, including power and ground. Tapping on the 360 PCB doesn’t cause anything to happen either.

I’ve modded a lot of sticks, and have never seen a problem like this. Any ideas?


Photos of your wiring, we might see something you might have missed


Check your voltage, D+, and D- wires the 360 side to the Imp (or switch). It’s likely that one is loose.


I’m really starting to think that I should just replace the board.

Just tried that, and no dice. I wish it had been so simple! x_X It disconnects only when I tap on the PS3 board itself, even if I don’t move around any wires when I do so, and even if I remove the board from the plastic part that it screws into. Thanks for the response, though, Duckie.


I vaguely recall someone else having the same problem too…

Not sure if they fixed it or not though


I could be wrong, maybe it is the trick of the light.
But some of those solder joints look like cold solder joins. Especially around the DPDT switch and the USB connection of the Xbox 360 PCB.
Cold solder joints look more dull (less shiny) than solder joints should.
Where the bonding of metals was not done at the right temperature but at a lower temp.

Also I notice your USB splicing us near the PS3 guide PCB, I can’t tell how that spice is because of the shrink wrap tubing.

A bad solder joint is all it takes to have a bad connection. Colder bonds do not always allow the flux in the solder to get rid of all the oxidation, making a bad mechanical and electrical connection.