Impact Clash Tournament Results & Info About the New Online Southeast Ranking System

I’d like to thank everyone for coming out to my tournament! We had a great time and there will definitely be another one and not one year from now. Impact Clash will happen two (possibly three) times a year! We’re having another one in October/November (fall).

Also, we have a ranking system now at my website Impact Clash located at (The EGL part must be in capital letters.) and it allows for you to challenge other players, create profiles, and more. These challenges will be in person challenge but you issue a challenge to someone, meet up and play, and then both of you put up the results. This way, we can get a true idea of who is the best at in the Southeast. You can also play through or F2P. So far this is for the Southeast but if needed it can be anywhere else. I encourage everyone to join and hopefully we can have a great competitive community outside of the tournaments.

Big thanks to Larry coming and helping out with the event and helping with the brackets. Big thanks to Coolbreeze for offering big help as well. And all of you who attended and bought any time of equipment. Shadow Ace I am sorry for your Wii being broken. Brahn0913 I am sorry that your games were lost and I feel really bad for this. Next time I will hope to come up with a more efficient system so that things like this do not happen.

Now on with the tournament results:

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

1 Raph :
2 Cornel :
3 Shinblanka :
4 Omnislash
5 Wantonx
7 Kevin
7 Johnny Quest
9 Salty
9 Branh0913
9 Unclebuck
13 Metalmike
13 Earl
13 Nechestriah

Super Street Fighter II Turbo

1 Omnislash
2 Clint
3 Shinblanka
4 Jesus
5 Xero
7 Kajoq
7 Unclebuck
9 SlayerX4
9 Metalmike
9 Raph

Capcom vs. SNK 2

1 50morecents
2 Colombus
5 T-Bear
7 Shinblanka
7 Blaze
9 Bananas
9 Shadow Ace
9 Victor
9 Branh0913
13 Issac

**Brawl **(Singles)

Unfortunately this bracket went FUBAR when the person in charge of the bracket (not anyone working for me or in my crew) was put in charge of the brackets and they were all messed up. If anyone would like to lend a hand about the order of the brackets please, let me know whenever you get a chance. Here are the original brackets:

King of Fighters XI

The brackets for this game were not returned back to me. If anyone can help with them I can post the results. Basically here’s a picture of how the brackets were looking before they stopped being reported to me:

If anyone can help I’d be glad to post them.

Guilty Gear: Accent Core
Guilty Gear Accent Core’s bracket sheet was not filled out either. It was given to me without a proper bracket structure. If anyone can make any sense of it and tell me the results I can fix it. Here’s a link to how the original brackets looked up until they were reported to me:

Marvel VS Capcom 2

The brackets for this game were very weird. I tried my best to re-create them so they probably aren’t accurate past the top 3 but I tried my best to show it.

1 CPU :
2 50morecents
3 Bananas
4 Kevin
5 Zach
5 Joel
7 Jesus
9 Coolbreeze
9 Launchpad
9 Branh0913
9 Pokchop

Arcana Heart

3 Styletime
4 Spacesheep
5 SlayerX4
5 Josef

Super Smash Brothers: Brawl (Doubles)

1 PBJ/Yay
2 Kajoq/Ace
3 MikeG/Marty
4 Jeff/Tony
5 Ow!/Buck
5 Ren/Axl

Street Fighter Alpha 3

1 Raph :
2 Shinblanka
3 Kevin
4 Xero
5 Metalmike

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

1 ME-Red ATL
2 Clint
3 Pokchop
5 Dark Child
5 Damen
7 Brenton

Vampire Savior

1 Zach
2 Kajoq
3 Earl
4 Shinblanka
5 Norman the Storm Alexander
5 Awesmic

I noticed some weird things.

The brackets posted for Marvel is the KOF’s brackets. The results for Tekken are the results for Alpha 3 (I know this from the names and from one glance at the posted bracket). The Alpha 3 results are posted twice, with the second one, I think, meaning to be the VS results (first Alpha 3 has wrong brackets posted).

Just a heads up. Good shit to all the winners.

As far as KOF XI goes, I fought Norman and lost,then I fought Earl and lost. Thats as much as I know
Good shit to everyone I played in KOF though. You guys are beasts.

Concerning GGACXX. I can give you a rundown, since I ran the brackets.

First match:

Pimpjuice vs. This guy playing slayer, that guy lost and went to the losers bracket

Blase vs. Marty, Marty lost and went to losers

Me vs. Zeno, I lost and went to losers

Ralph never competed in the original qualifying matches because his name was never called. I was suppose to receive a buy, but I faced Zeno, when it should have been Ralph. The mixup was from the lady calling the wrong names, because she may not have been able to read the computer screen correctly.

As a result, I decided that Ralph would get a buy and face Pimpjuice. Ralph defeated Pimpjuice and it knocked him into the loser backet.

Zeno was eliminated by Blase because the names were called incorrectly again. So what ended up happening was. When this happened, I questioned the brackets, and thats when we were sure there a mixup.

Zeno was eliminated by Blaze, and never competed in losers.

When the Slayer guy beat me, he then faced Marty. Marty Eliminated the Slayer player and fought Pimpjuice in the losers final.

In winners, Ralph defeated blaze eliminating him, and knocking him down to 3rd place. The finals was decided when Pimjuice played Ralph. Ralph beat Pimpjuice 3-2 to take the tournament.

 results are as follow
  1. Ralph (Baiken)
  2. Pimp (Eddie)
  3. Blaze ( Anji)
  4. Marty (Anji)
  5. Slayer guy (slayer obviously)
  6. Zeno ( Faust)
  7. Me (iken)

I figure I came in dead last because I didn’t win any matches. Zeno and Slayer guy won a match a piece, and Marty won two matches. Blaze was in the winner’s bracket, automatically giving him third place.

BTW, Ralph killed it at the tourney. You are a God sir, and I hope to play you soon at the underground Pimpjuice. Sorry the brackets got so screwed up, but I’m glad we were able to improvise and run the tourney correctly.

Jon took it is KOF XI. Issac also played in KOF XI, and lost to Mike. I’m not sure what happened afterwards because I stopped observing the tourney. I’ll ask Issac tomorrow to get some clarification since he was in that tourney.

being a participant in the brawl tourney myself, the brackets were totally messed up because the losers was run poorly.

but if i remember correctly, the singles results were like this

1- yah (yay)
2- xenostar
3- pb&j
4- axl kid
5- kajoq
6 - jb
6- shadow ace
7- major
7- mike G
7- DAH

and btw for the brawl doubles tourney, mike G & marty/ pb&j & yay got top 2. whichever got first is unknown because both teams screwed around at the end split the pot money overall lol

actually, now that i look at the original bracket; the matches got out of order or something because the match-ups were not in that order at all! what is this madness haha, did a separate bracket get created or something? lol

wtf i shoulda stayed n watched tekken…
im mad about that :confused:

Wow I need to practice marvel. I’m hella rusty. Good shit everyone I played. Max beat me down haha. Next step is to get me a stick so I can get back to playing marvel more.

PS Im not trying to talk shit or anything in case someone may take it that way. I got beat and that’s that. I’m still not confident enough in my MSP to really play it much in tournament, hence me going to Santhrax or Scrub.

I dont know why I keep playing 3S. I don’t even like that game nor have the desire to get better in it. I just play it to have something to do between marvel matches usually but I actually did decent in third so eh who knows.

Larry Im going to get you eventually in Alpha 3 haha

Good games to everyone I played at this tournament. It’s hard playing with 1 eye! That’s why I had my shades on, because the light in the room was bothering my right eye! You mean young kids beating on an old man with a bad eye! I wish we could have gotten some A2 or rbs casuals at the tournament, but there wasn’t time for that. I couldn’t hardly parry because my vision was 50%. I look forward to seeing everyone again in the future. Hopefully I can put up a better fight. Old people shouldn’t play fighting games. :lol: Good games to everyone that beasted on me at the tournament! Good games to those I beasted on. :lol: j/k See ya’ll later!

That was your best chance sir! :lol: 1 eyed willy styles!

NP man. I was glad to help an up and coming organizer. Just make sure you don’t put any of this tournaments around FR. :wink: We need a regular scene in the atl and i’m to busy to run more than 1 tournament a year.

Here tha rundown on KOF XI

John won tha Tourney due to last minute entry and ended up with a bye

John won against Norman in Winners Final

I lost to Norman in the Loser Final

I won against Metalmike in the Loser Semifinal

I won against Isaac in the Loser Bracket

Norman won against Metalmike in the Winner Semifinal

That should cover the KOF tournament bracket Mag

Thanks for the compliment metalmike u gotta play us more often. I was rusty after not playin it for sooo long.

Haha…Im almost positive i didnt play against Joel in tourney…So either those brackets are off, or else my matches were not properly handled. S’all good though cause me and Joel could go either way for sure. XD

I tried with Chun, got some decent shit off. She just isn’t ready for tourney play yet :sweat:

Good games to everyone I played in casuals, and especially to Kajoq for that crazy battle in Vampire. Sorry I couldn’t take you up on that MM Ricky, ive been so broke lately I need the money, no disrespect for real man; ill get you on a BS 5-10 next time I see you.

Great turnout, glad some cats came from out of state, made for a real good experience. I wanna give shoutouts to:

Kajoq…mad props all around…Rob is a beast.
Kevin for peacing me out in marvel.
Cool-Breeze for recording shit.
Lil-EZ for reppin that Felicia
The guy who needs a convertor for his ps2 mas, PM me your name again :sweat:
ShinBlanka - Talbain is truth, I wanna see your A2 Dictator.
Slick Vic for making it out to Cvs2; you are on your way dog
L-ville crew for fucking people up in marvel, Eddie you were raw in tourney
Max and Joe for setting that standard; damn you guys are good :karate:
Magnicious for running a badass tournament.

Great tournament, I bet there will be twice as many people there next time.

Good games to everyone I played at GG, 3S, and alpha 3.

And it’s funny how the new-school Atlanta third strike players go against everything ATL is known for by not using “Don’t get punched in the face” strategy, interesting stuff. And you guys were cheering when your boy was beating Shin Blanka, and he’s the father of the ATL gaming scene!

Good skill from the ATL guys that showed up in Third Strike, I have never seen such good raging demon setups. And I’ll have to pick up Old Sagat now cause people enjoy picking E.Honda against my Zangief (ST).

Blaze: Lots of players interested in GG in Atlanta but there isn’t anyone willing to host them all. If you can talk to Pimpjuice and get games with him and get maybe a couple others involved then Guilty Gear Zombies will spark back to life IMO. Atlanta was THE place to go to for competition when #R was being played, it can happen again.

Larry: I want rematches in all our games when you aren’t injured. You beat me last summer in the La Bamba tournament at 3S so I was looking forward to our rematch, but I don’t feel good about it knowing now that you couldn’t play to your full ability, and I do remember getting put in that belly with greater swiftness and more than a couple times at La Bamba that didn’t happen this time (maybe the mexican food made Hugo hungrier). Always good to see you come out and show these kids a thing or two about Street Fighter. Fuck Ehonda.

Thanks for tha respect. The next time we meet it’s gonna b MM no doubt. Until then my felicia and demtri will undergo some training.

It’s all good. They don’t know me from a hole in a wall.:looney::lol::rofl: They was just cheering for their hommie!:rock: Nothing wrong with that imo.:karate: I never been the enemy in an ATL tournament, so it was new to me. I kinda like it, but I couldn’t parry those air fb’s like I wanted to due to my vision.:wasted:

You beat me fair and square sir. And so did everyone that beat me at the tournament. If I was injured I shouldn’t have played.:looney::wasted::sweat: I’ll take my lumps like a man and i’ll practice some, so I can be a better challenge to you next time. Maybe I can master the 1 EYED STYLEZ!!! Hopefully we wil get the chance to run those matches back at the next tournament. You cleaned up winning 3 tournaments! LaBamba food does make HUGO stronger!!!:rofl::looney::karate::rock: I didn’t say get in my belly once at the tournament either.:wasted: So you know I wasn’t on top of my game. :wasted: I hope to see everyone against at future events!:karate:

I like the akuma player that got 2nd. He got a lot of raw skills and he’s young. I’m going to keep an eye out on him in future events. (pun intented) :lol:

good shit larry

bah i usually dont do shout-outs but F it (i forget names n aliases too fast so if you know me n saw me just remind me of who u r)
Fat shouts to mag for running that tourney smoothly.
sry some of your brackets got messed up but this was a learning experience for you. its all gravy… why dont you enter some tourneys next time damnit!?

also shouts to your girlfriend for stepping up n getting on that mic.
you can tell shes brand new to the whole “english speaking” thing but she kept it professional.

Even fatter shouts go to my ppls

-my fam from GamersXperience

-goofy ass awesmic who showed up late as hell XD that was funny

-Crazy ass norman who i heard was holding it down on that KOF

-To those dudes that played me in VF5, real fun. i got sleepy towards the end im sry about that.

-Magnetic Itachi of course, always look forward to seeing you wherever theres a dreamcast, sry about your other stick i hope it is fixed now.

-that 1 dude with the dreads that was talkin to me about Arcana heart, i forgot your name
i know you play GG n i got fam that need to be stomped properly (since they wanna get better n all)… PM me when u get a chance

-to everyone that played smash - im sry but hyping that game is instant LMAO period.
smash doesnt suck, and never will… i just cant stop making fun of it.

-MUCH LOVE to the whole marvel/tekken crew. i never picked up a controller n played wit yall n yall still treat me like family. gotta respect the hospitality

-biggest shouts go to iceman n lil ez
had fun chyllin wit yall 1 last time
(well naah it wont be the last if yall pop up in EP)
hope that rain aint fuck yall hair up… i know my shirt took the tko.

-oh yea n shouts to shin blanka. i dont know you personally n never spoke to you
but you had me peekin over at the a3 screen when ya matches came up.
i swear it broke my vf concentration n i started losing XD

i hope i didnt forget anyone… if i did just let me kno!

P.S. Hood Hair>The Epidemic

Favorite moments of the tournament were as followed:

#1. Jennifer telling me that they had a mic to call out names and me telling here I didn’t need it. Seeing the look on her face when I annouce name in my tournament voice was priceless! I guess she was like “damn he talks louder than the PA system”! :lol:

#2. Seeing new/younger peeps in the GA fighting scene! That warmed my old heart! Makes me want to play more.

#3. People not knowing me and introducing themself to me. That was cool because I like meeting new peeps that are into the same hobby of me.

#4. Seeing old friends that didn’t think I was going to make it to the tournament.

#5. Random guy rooting for his boy saying he has to beat me.

“You got to beat him! He’s wearing shades like he’s cool or some shit”. :lol: priceless!

Oh ok, you was the guy with the headwrap playing vf5. I was wondering if the vf5 tournament was going to happen, but I guess it didn’t. Hopefully it will happen next time.