Impact of GGPO, Evo, and other SRK-related Fighting Game Things

I was wonder how big these things have been to the community recently. Cause as we all know, Evo has been growing bigger with every year and GGPO just came out (also featured on Kotaku one day), so how big has the impact been from these things? Such as how many non-SRKers are playing on GGPO and how much attention (and forum members) have these things brought to SRK? Kinda interested in that.

The impact of GGPO is simple: Outstanding netcoding that allows fighters to be played at near-offline capabilities. And hopefully one day, that netcode will be implemented into various big name fighters on console. It’s revolutionized what Kaillera has failed to deliver in a public server.

Id like to see how big evo will be in 2 - 3 years.

GGPO just needs more games, now. The only problem I see are the creators being partial to what games they will code GGPO for; I remember reading that they didn’t want to do alpha 3 due to the fact that they simply don’t like it. I respect the developers’ opinions(I’m not that huge of a fan of alpha 3 either) but limiting your audience that way will simply make it catch on a lot slower.

As for Evo, this year will be my first year going to Evo world. I think including the Smash community this year is a fantastic idea. It can only get better as more communities are unified rather than ostracized.

And even though my opinions on Smash are sometimes full of hate, I can still dig it as it’s own thing. It’s great to watch at high level. And at the same time, we might get a few of them into our stuff. It’s a win-win situation.

The only reason as to why GGPO only has A2 now is because it’s still in alpha stages.

along side ggpo being awesome
the cps3 crack was a big break through im hoping jojo gets popular and actually develops a scene

although i cant wait to see the new kaillera that was then this is NOW 3rd strike tiers

I think half of most of the dead games will get a revival/scene now. On the cool not to ask a stupid question but doesn’t that mean since cps3 is up we will get a mvc2 online scene(cracked Naomi) some fateful year in the future (without lag). I still prefer to play offline but this would go well for dudes that’s low on $ and can’t travel a lot to get better.

well i can see a2 blowing up for a while at least

pun intended dood? :yawn:

Actually, I was wondering more about how these things have affected SRK itself and how it has brought awareness to SRK.

It probably was.

Smash affected SRK more. We had an influx of new members show up when the whole Ice Climbers infinite controversy came about. Outside of that, it’s still regular ol’ SRK.

I think GGPO will have a significant impact on the SRK community if everthing goes well. First of all this is a great step to keep the fighting game community going strong now that we live in this arcade dead era. I don’t know if it will bring alot of new players to the scene. Players have to enjoy fighting games as much as we do. And if they have a burning desire to compete in these games then I think they will search for competition. Being through this website to find friends or GGPO. Shouldn’t GGPO include the games that are held at the EVO tournies? I mean if people start playing the exact games that are at these tournies competively, and actually get better from playing on GGPO and friends then maybe they would feel like they can go to these tournies and have fun. Cuz if you can’t compete it’s not all that fun. Sure the trip and the gathering is fun but it’s alot more fun when you can see how you stack up against the nation’s best. I could even practice some Tekken and maybe enter. In the end we are so lucky to have Ponder, inkblot, Wizard, and the rest of the staff. They have worked very hard at letting this community continually find competition and actually compete. From matchmaking to strategy blogs to tournies to dvds and now GGPO. Thanks guys.