Impact Palm Loop mapping



I’m trying to figure out Strange’s Impact Palm loop and so far I’ve got c.L c.M st.M fH S Air M H fH land j.M j.H j.fH land S M M H S Vishanti super.

I’m (for now) just trying to get down the basic variation, so far so good?


There a few ways to set it up and some that doesn’t require launching with :S: You may even use assists to set it up, much like in MvC2 where you would use Psylocke for Magneto’s ROM inf (basic setup).

You can cancel :l: mystic sword into [j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, :f::h:] land repeat [ ].

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This works? I’m pretty sure this only works on a floating opponent.


Nope. It works on everyone except for Arthur and other small characters. :l: Mystic Sword, then immediately hold :upright/upleft + j.:m:
I’ll post an easy setup shortly.

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I’ve tried several times with no luck :confused: does the impact palm loop combo START with :L: Mystic Sword? or do you start that after c.:l:, :l:, :m: , Impact Palm?


No it doesn’t start with :l: Mystic Sword. Its a setup to lift the character to help connect the j.:m.

Try this:
:m:,:h:, :f:+:h:, :f:+:h:, :l: Mystic Sword, [j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:f:+:h:]

*Note: [repeat commands inside these brackets] Also, walk forward a little after the initial Impact Palm so that you aren’t too far back to connect the :l: Mystic Sword. *

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There is also other methods to start Impact loops, For example:

( ground hit confirm to Impact palm) -> Fly (adjust distance and height accordingly) :h: :f::h: :s: -> (J.:m::m::h::f::h:) loop.

The other one I used when I hitconfirm from air borne opponents: (hit confirm) :s: Super Jump Cancel :h: Teleport -> :f::h: land and start jump loops.

Both does good damage since they involve many :h: in the start of the combo.


Yes. delay cancelling into :l: Mystic Sword or :s: allows for them to drop a little lower, thus being able to perform the loop easier. :tup:

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Here you go, man.

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Glad I found this thread. Thanks man:rock:


No problem. There are other ways too, and if there are enough requests, I can start uploading more vids showing them.

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Here’s one request then. Strange is becoming my main and I am trying to soak in info to step up my game with him and do some better things than basic MMHS x Vishanti :wink:


Does the loop only work in the corner? Because I thought it worked midscreen too?


Works anywhere. Also really easy to convert random hits into a loop.


Hmm, problem I keep having is that the character seems to be too low to land 2 j.Ms after the second IP. I whiff the second. Any tips?


(1) :m: for those loops. For smaller characters, you can omit an :m: so that you don’t drop the loop combo.

mkeller73: Have you tried messing with :l: Mystic Sword f+:h: x3 w/assists + EoA? You can setup glyphs that will hit even if you get hit. Really good for your teleport game too.

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Can you elaborate on this more? I’m using Dormammu (Black Hole) and Thor (Mighty Spark) with Doctor Strange. How can their assists come into play for this combo?



Good shit, Rotendo.


Well… if you have done his, I believe it is Mission 8 or 9 (one of those) You have to do Impact Palm xx :l: Mystic Sword x2, call an assist and add another :l: Mystic Sword. With practice, you can land this by just adding a dash after the :l:Mystic Sword (I either saw it in a vid or read it in the bible, lol) Anyway… taking what I’ve learned from that mission alone (w/assist) you can experiment with other assist characters and assist types. The most helpful are the assist types that adds a floor or wall bounce, allowing you time to setup EoA, teleport, or lay out glyphs.

So you can essentially do: F+:h:, :l:Mystic Sword, F+:h:, :l:Mystic Sword, dash forward(ds), F+:h:, A:1: or A:2: … [this part depends on the assist type use] … but lets say Black Hole :h:teleport, F+:h:, land F+:h:, :s:, sj.:m:, sj.:m:, sj.:h:, sj.F+:h:, sj.:s:, SoV < something like that depending on hitstun decay (I haven’t tested that, but wanted to give you some sort of an example)

I’m currently in the middle to getting a Hauppage HD PVR capture device to work on my PC to get some better quality videos instead of the camcorder, but having difficulty finding a working software to use. I also plan to collaborate with other Strange combo vid posters on a Doctor Strange combo compilation, so there is something to look forward to, but that won’t be for at least a few weeks.

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Thanks for the tips. I am a decent player but I have NO combo imagination whatsoever and I am VERY appreciative of all the creative stuff you guys come up with!