Imperial palace side games

Me and my buddy are staying at the imperial palace and bringing our wii ps3 xbox and a 32 inch LCD, anybody who wants to get some games in is more than welcome to come by, message me and I’ll give you my room number I’m arriving Thursday and leaving Monday.

Hey man!

I’d love to drop by, got some friends staying at the Imperial palace!

Im there too.

hey guys sorry it looks like there was some problems with my reservation. I still may stay there but im not sure. I will keep you guys updated.

Alright guys it looks like im staying at imperial…cant beat 75 dollars a night. message me for my phone numbers. Anybody is welcome. well have tvc mk9 ssf4 mvc3 mvc2 and a few others. who knows what well actually play though

and if your comin by shower. we all know by now what a room full of fighting game players smells like

Hey zup,

Friends and I are staying there too i dont know the room number but if u want to PM me ur numbers ill make sure to text u so we can play afew games

For anyone who has stayed at the Imperial Palace at previous EVOs, can you hook up PS3s or 360s to their TVs?

I’d like to bring a setup, but I really don’t want to pack my Asus.

I’ll be there too!.. PM me your room number when you get it. I’ll be getting there Thursday evening.

I am also at IP and have a PS3 with AE and a lagless monitor. You can PM me here if you want to come by.

Hey guys im glad this all coming together. Im bringing a few chairs all the systems and games but dont let that stop you from bring yours too. Im not sure how big the rooms are but whatever. and im sure you guys all have your own sticks. Im pretty sure we dont get our hotel room number til check in. my name is ray and you can call or text me at 818 261 9813. Im getting there thursday afternoon and probably will be going to insert coin sometime that evening for the evo pre party after my own pre-party pre-party

I’m definitely down to get some AE or MVC3 games in with anyone at Imperial Palace.

I will probably be there tomorrow (since I’m staying there) and will check this thread periodically to see where the action is at.

Any of y’all sill playing

Im pretty sure evos byoc area should keep us all pretty satisfied but yeah im definatley setting up some consoles in my room . i brought my own lcd plus the tv at the room will do just fine. ill have an xbox and a ps3 hopefully on both tvs. but anybody that could should still bring whatever they can it be great to play a lot of different games that one room couldnt hold. I have a deluxe room and im not sure how big it is, anybody is welcome, but if someone here has a bigger room dont be shy.

Im glad to see alot of us going to EVO.

In the spirit of the turney how about we have one of our own in the rooms?

$5 for person?

maybe 5 vs 5 or single man turney?

What u guys think?

Friday or Sat night ?

How many friends are going with u V.L.D.?

I have at least 8-10 peps coming we have sticks systems and TVs

Hell yeah. im getting there tonight lets work this out. Im only bringing one buddy. I think everybody is just going to check into this forum to see whats happening. ill check in before i go to the pre-party to see where everyones at

I get there tomorrow morning we are heading straight to evo cuz some homies are playing but i got ur number ill text you for sure Letz hope for the best

im here guys hit me up. im headed to insert coin for the night but text me when you guys wanna get this together

Sorry I wasn’t able to get any games at the Imperial Palace in with any of you. I forgot to get Viscous Leg Drop’s number and I didn’t want to pay for the hotel’s Wi-Fi :frowning:

Shoutouts to the random fire alarm at I.P. during the weekend at 5:30am. Myself, my g/f, and 2 other people were the only ones (that I saw) who got the fuck outta there right away haha