Implications from the PS3 hack for fighting games (Gamefront article)


This is an excellent article on the events that have unfolded since the PS3 root key hack was released. He mentions that CoD has already been hacked to hell with aimbots and there’s not much that can be done about the problem at the moment.

Do you guys think this will affect SF (and all the fighting games) ? Has anyone already seen infinite life Ryus or 100% damage hits etc?

Ripples in the Pool: The Long-Term Implications of the PS3 Hack | GameFront

(BTW the article specifically doesn’t contain links to any of the hacking tools)


First thing I thought about when I starting reading about the hacks. It would be really bad news and absolutely possible. Just upto a determined hacker to write a hack I guess.


I hope not because I recently purchased a PS3 about 4 months ago to play online for free. I was a Xbox Live Subscriber for 5 straight years but got tired of paying and recently started purchasing my games for the PS3. I would be extremely disappointing if this hack takes over fighting games.

Sony should find a way to put an end to the hacks because honest gamers should not be punished.


360 and Wii have been open for hacking for quite some time, yet not much has been seen in terms of hacking FGs on those systems.


The hacking problem will likely center itself around the most popular online games, for the most part FPS’s.Hopefully.


Not blown open as ps3 hacks have just become.


This issue is bigger than most people think.


Enter 2005, the PSP.


Someone never played MW2 at its peak on the 360 >_>


The difference between this and the 360 is the fact that, PS3s can be soft modded now, on a whole other level.
360 requires hardware, + due to the way PS3 handles accounts and online, it’s almost impossible to stop it now. (If not)
The Wii is in a whole other genre, the online isn’t great like 360 & PS3.

Although, more games like Monster Hunter Tri & Mario Kart Wii have had good online but, there’s really no protection on the Wii either as there isn’t even a account system on that. People hack Mario Kart Wii like crazy but, like I said. The Wii is in a whole other genre.

Whether people hack the Wii’s online isn’t that big of a deal due to the poor online service and software/hardware.


I think the easiest way to counter at least the first wave of hacks is to have a more robust reporting system. While people certainly get salty when they lose at games and might report people simply because they’ve lost having a system in place where specific accounts can get flagged for monitoring prior to a ban might work. Also I wonder if Sony could simply IP ban people as opposed to or in addition to banning accounts; the idea there being to force someone who would use the various ID exploits to do some extra work. It also might be possible (programmers please chime in on this) to have a firmware update that wouldn’t allow the PS3 to connect to PSN via a proxy thus making an IP ban even more of an inconvenience.


It’s not always pracitcal, but the most reliable way to prevent hacking in on-line games is to run the game on a company controlled computer, and only give the clients access to information that they should actually be able to see.


Back to the topic what types of hacks for fighting games could they even run that would effect us??


I wouldn’t worry too much about SF4/fighting game hacks too much kiddies. Capcom has never released tools to mod up SF4 and such. The reason games like MW2 on the console are hacked so much is because the base code is pretty much the same as the PC version. The other reason MW2 is hacked so easily is b/c part of the code is still based off CoD’s Quake 3 license - the engine is heavily modified, but still shares similar traits. If you don’t believe me, check out the console commands and the game folders and files (the config.cfg is still in the same format, etc). If there ever is a hack out for fighting games, you’ll see it, but not as much as something like MW2. Fighters are still a “niche” genre :slight_smile:


It would be down hilarious if someone basically makes their characters like a 3S System Dircetion, or CVS2 EX Groove, Hyper SF Alpha Plus color ISM’s or Rainbow Edition and trolls Ranked SFIV. All the SFIV kiddies would have a melt down.


Needless to say I hope it happens and it would be funny.


I’m going to say this now: I want to play Shin Akuma/Gouken on my PS3.

My modded PS3 gave me access to the file system and found the character locations and their details. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to swap characters or locate extra characters anywhere on the file system.

Do I want to play online with these versions of the characters? NO.
Would someone build these characters and/or trainer allowing many modifications to the SF4 engine? Possibly.

The simple fact remains: you CANNOT trust the client. PERIOD.

Now that mods are possible with PS3, here’s hoping that future fighting games use some form of server in between to help protect clients from each other.


Now maybe someone can make Capcom’s netcode better than if it was made by the guys who put stickers on your bag at Walmart.

Just kidding. In before piracy/hacking is bad rhetoric.


this will NOT affect the competitive scene.
this will only affect online play, but most competitive people play offline at local gatherings, larger tournaments, etc.
not to mention a lot of higher level players play (or should play) people they know/have played good games with in endless mode
you lose to a hacker, big deal, some PP/BP lost, its not like money is on the line such as in a tournament

ergo, casual play, if hacking is rampant, will be ruined but competitive scene will be unaffected.
any hacker going to evo will get his shit rocked and look like a bitch to thousands of people


This. I would only hack my PS3 to do cool shit like that, but nothing like cheating online in ranked play.

If and whenever they make it possible to play PS2 games on non bc PS3’s I’m popping a 1.5 TB drive in, and away I go…


It doesn’t effect me too much. I mostly either play Local, endless, or with friends. Ragequits are a problem, this is just another problem. I think it will suck for people who play ranked. But a tight knit online community and close friends can probably discourage this.