Import game questions

Hello everyone,

I’ve been in Houston pretty much all my life. But I’ve never attended Texas Showdown, mainly because I’ve never really been skilled enough to compete. I know it’s being held in conjunction with an anime convention this year. I was just wondering if there’s going to be anywhere I can buy import games or import consoles and such. I’ve sorta passed on from the anime phase of my life, so I’m not really too interested in buying any anime stuff. I would however buy an import PS2 or PS3 if the price is right. Any info would be appreciated.

Pretty sure there are some shops in town that actually do sell import games and such, theres a couple of shops in Chinatown off Bellaire, and a game shop in Almeda mall and Katy Mills that also sell import stuff. At the convention there may be some vendors who sell import gaming systems and games. Worse comes to worse, theres always eBay.

I’ve been to Chinatown plenty of times. Any specifc stores I should check out?

Don’t know the actual name of the place, its one of the DVD shops in Hong Kong City Mall. The one next to that shop that sells the Hello Kitty crap near the food court.

No need to buy an actual import system, when there are methods like swapmagic, and the PS2 Hard drive(Hdadvanced), which handle imports no problem.

I don’t think there is anything for PS3 yet.

Oh yeah! I remember seeing some Japanese PSPs over there. I’ll have to take another look next time I go.