Import-Only PS2 Fighters: Suggestions?

Would like some suggestions on some import-only PS2 fighting games. Just recently learned that spectral Vs generation got a PS2 release, and imported it. Just got it today and SvsG is a pretty neat 2D fighter despite being said to be extremely broken. Characters are certainly interesting and the gameplay, however flawed, appears fun so far.

Any others out there that never saw the light of day in the U.S, that deserve a mention? Suggestions would be much appreciated.

Sengoku Basara X is fun, and to my knowledge has not been slated to come stateside.

The Melty Blood series is good (but not new). Still looking for the best button config for that game…

ahhh! Forgot about that one. Thanks for the suggestion Overworld :wonder:

Not my cup’o tea but thanks for the suggestion.

And just my opinion: Arcana Heart > Melty Blood

<---- Fiona & Kamui player

Surprsingly, when I thought about it, a lot of the mainstream fighting games have been localized in North America. The most obvious one I can think of that was left out is Melty Blood: Act Cadenza. (It’s not the most recent iteration which is PC) But, it still makes for a solid import.

Probably the more obscure SNK games would also tickle your fancy. Or even, most recently King of Fighters 98: Ultimate Match or Garou, I don’t think that’s been brought over either. Oh, I just remembered, get Rumble Fish, Rumble Fish 2 has been in the arcades for a while, but number 1 is still mad fun.

kof98um may or may not hit the yankee ps2 but considering snk usa’s track record for localizing their ports don’t be surprised if the jap version is declared tourney standard and the usa one gets left in the cold

besides, jesus himself brought kof98 to this world so you should do him and yourself a favor

For JPN only I’d say get Garou MOTW & Vampire DarkStalkers Collection (maybe KOFMIRA as well). Other games worth playing are either available here or will be released here in the next few months (hopefully).

I would say KoF98UM, Garou and Vampire Darkstalkers Colletion as already mentioned as well.

I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned Hokuto No Ken. I’ve never tried it myself, but I thought it was hands-down the most popular import-only PS2 fighting game. It seems like everybody who touches it thinks it’s a blast.

I thought Hokuto no Ken sucked balls. Like a shittier Guilty Gear.

KOF UM is badass though. That and MOTW are your best bets. You may also have fun with the Last Blade and Sunsoft Collections.

No way, Hokuto no ken rocked! A must have title for fans of the show, as so much detail from the anime is worked into it.

Only flaw was the game’s broken properties.

The LB collection is terrible on PS2 mostly how LB2 is pretty much unplayable with it’s extreme slowdowns.

Hokuto no Ken
Sengoku Basara X
Last Blade collection
The Rumble Fish
Spectral vs Generation

this are the ones that i have and i recomend

Everybody named all the good shit, so I’ll scrap what’s left.

Psychic Force Complete -It’s Psychic Force and that’s worth the buy alone. And Burn rocks.

KOF XI, and NGBC-The Japanese versions don’t suffer what the US and European versions suffer from. Mainly slowdown and other weird shit. And DG mentioned that the JAP version was tournament standard. So these are the versions you want.

King of Fighters: The NESTS Collection -The only other way to play '99 Evo is find it on Dreamcast. It has the AES and Dreamcast Versions of 99-01 and you don’t have to wait next to forever to wait for it’s release in the US.

KOF Neowave - It has Angel and May Lee in the JAP version. Worth a look for completeness if that’s what your into.

Fu’Un Super Combo -Savage Reign and Kizuna Encounter in 1 package. For the sake of Rosa and Carol get this shit.

Battle Stadium D.O.N and Dream Mix TV: World Fighters -D.O.N is fun from Jump Street. And Dream Mix TV is a hate it or love it game. Over time the game grew on me and I really started to enjoy it. So it was worth a mention for that.

Bleach Blade Battlers 2nd and Naruto Shipuuden: Narutimate Accel 2 -The reason that I mention these in the same breath is because they come from the same breath. Lopsided and Broken Anime Fighters. But fun if you are a fan of either series. And that Bleach game will never see the light of day in the US.

US XI iirc is fine.
and HnK >>>> SBX
also like thirding the Rumble Fish.
And Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix Max /2 (the sequels out in sept.).

Wow you guys rock! Nice suggestions all around. Especially Rumble fish 1-2, LB coll, sunsoft collection, and Psychic Force Complete. All of which i was not aware of until now.


Also not a fighting game but still, Metal Slug 3D. I’ve seen vids on youtube and really want to play this one but it does not appear to be getting a U.S release.

I wish Rumble Fish 2 did finally get a PS2 port :sad:.

Power Instinct Matrimelee

Just got Sengoku Basura X and Metal Slug 3D! SBX looks great, like a more animated/detailed HNK. I’m still learning the system so i don’t have much of an opinion on the gameplay yet, so far it looks darn cool.

Metal Slug 3D is a fun, quirky 3D remake of the usual formula. Played past a few levels and it was ok. Control/camera definitely takes getting used to though.

Sengoku is pretty easy to pick up IMO.
Go here for a start: