Import Ps2 games online for free

Anyone with Import Ps2 games (mainly SNK) and a way to play them online (requires import ps2, or certain mod chips)

Anyways if you guys have

Neogeo Battle Colliseum
King of Fighters Neowave
King of Fighters Orochi Collection
Samurai Showdown Tenkaichi

I am down to play once I get my Import ps2. I just have to figure out how to register since its all in japanese…

those games are online only if you live in japan

Is there something in the registration that keeps you from playing? From what I have been reading you all you need is the Game and the Import system (it checks what region the system is from) other than that it does not seem like any thing else is keeping you from playing online.

The connections are probably rather awful from here…

I have actually read that people get decent connections and can play against over seas. But even if that is the case hopefully there is a buddy list or something like that…