Import PS3 Fighting Games

My friend is in Korea and she says she can get me a gift, I didn’t have any idea and so she recommended a game. Seeing as how I’m on a fighting game forum, and I have a region free Ps3 I thought maybe I should get a fighting game. Any suggestions? I’m actually open to all games, not just fighting, but I can’t do heavy text based RPG’s and shit because depending on whether they’re Japanese versions or not, I can’t read/understand Japanese. Korean maybe, but I prefer a game where I can just pick up and play, since I don’t really enjoy playing English RPG’s that much any more either, they’re actually sorta tedious. But whatever, I’m up for all ideas.

The only one I can think of at the moment is Battle Fantasia, and honestly the game looks weird as fuck.

I think there isn’t much fighting games to choose from ps3 right now

Battle Fantasia is awesome.

Battle Fantasia, indeed. It would be nice if there were alot of people who were competent enough to play for money at Evo or something.

Yeah man, there’s not much available yet. It’s pretty much just BF right now.

Instead, ask her to bring you back some Korean arcade parts. Does she have black market connections? Maybe a small child who will cook for you bulgogi four nights a week. Ohh my god bulgooogii… (droolgasm)

That, or just tell her the one and only thing you want from Korea right now is her. Mad play son :rofl:

Yep, just Battle Fantasia, though it’s kinda pointless since it’s supposed to hit the US.

IIRC it’s X360 only in the US.

Huh. That’s unexpected. Well, import away, I suppose.

this is looking just like before with the ps2

One Piece Grand Battle rush is a good option if you like powerstone

but yeah, the Narutimate Accel 2 is probably the best anime game.

Bleach Blade Battlers 2 is fun as well I heard if you can get 4 dudes together to play it. It’s pretty bad with anything less though

Btw, if your PS3 is NTSC, don’t bother importing PS2 games. The region-free thing only works with Blu-Ray games. Does not apply to DVD-Rom games.

Correct, but Europe is also getting an English PS3 version. So if people are willing to wait till early next year to get that, it’s also a possibility. Unless Aksys plans on bringing it to America on a later date.

Yeah, I knew about that. That’s why I’m having a hard time picking out a game, if I could pick a PS2 game that would be easy.

It’d be nice if Sony lifted that block, but I don’t see that happening. Come on, Sony!

Wasn’t their excuse some bullshit about DVD-video being region coded, so… they can’t have their games region free on the PS3? It doesn’t make sense, but then, nothing console manufacturers say does.