Important Annoncement: No Thugs at Evo

98% of Evo attendees are just looking for a great weekend of gaming, but there is a disturbing undercurrent of bad behavior coming from a few individuals who are looking to start trouble. After the finals I personally witnessed a shouting match that turned into a shoving match where GVR security was called to break it up. This bullshit behavior has no place in any Evo event. Parents take their KIDS to Evo people. It is our highest priority to provide a safe, fun environment for all Evo attendees.

Therefore, Evo now has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for violence, threats of violence, intimidation, and other forms of thuggery. ANY threat of violence or extreme intimidation will result in an IMMEDIATE and LIFETIME ban for you and your whole crew. I don’t care if it’s on YouTube, the SRK forums, or at the event itself. I urge all past Evo attendees to get some perspective – Evo is a video game tournament. A VIDEO GAME TOURNAMENT. Fighting at a video game tournament? Please.

There is a difference between hype and thuggery, and we all know what that difference is.

yo everybody needs to chill out at evo and just have some gatorade.

marvels done

which one? am gatorade or that super shit?

Does anyone know who that crazy black guy was? The guy with the wizard staff with the orb on top.

Yeah, seriously. Quenched my thirst in one swig.

new york was antagonizing the shit out of people during the money matches and lean like a cholo dude almost went off on a couple of occasions in retaliation

I missed out on the finals but I can take a guess on who that was.

son, all my gatorade was on that super level shit.


that guy is my hero. i raped him in breaker’s revenge too once i figured his condor out. where is heeeeeeeee

XD that’s exactly what I was thinking.

video games + beef= GAY. This new policy is real shit.

my Condor owns

He came with mike choas (sup mike) and DP.

Marvel players need to calm that sh!t down, seriously. Sanford and Demon Hyo were about to get into a boxing match off of that BS Demon Hyo pulled on at the finals. I woulda been mad too, but to fight over a video game? Naw, aint noth’n cool about fight’n over a video game. Marvel players seriously need chill. Theres a differance between get’n serious and get’n stupid.

He smelled like shit.

just like to add that thieves/thugs that steal sticks, systems and games should not be tolerated and banned forever.

MvC2 out at Evo next year.

there happens to be thousands of dollars on the line.

Yeah let’s make it worse by adding someone’s health on the line. :rolleyes: