Important announcement RE: ESC #5 Ottawa

Hello Everyone,

I want to just start off by saying the ESC #4 event at Hamilton was an amazing event and that the community participation was fantastic, as well as extremely exciting to watch. The Hamilton qualifier has set the bar for level of performance of our events and we want to continue to meet and exceed that bar.

Which is why I am writing to inform everyone that the ESC #5 event will be rescheduled to early May to ensure a successfully executed event. This will make ESC Ottawa the final event before the ESC last chance qualifier. Though I do understand this change may inconvenience many who have already made arrangements to have that weekend available, we do feel this is the best decision to ensure the success of this event hosted in our nation’s capital.

We do apologies in advance for the inconvenience that this change will impose but we reassure everyone that this is the best move to ensure the quality level of events that has become expected of us.

This change will not effect the other 2 events, Mississauga & Markham/Vaughn which are still on course for their respective dates.

In the next couple of days we will be making some announcments regarding announcing the remaining venues for the 2nd half of the circuit.

once again I appreciate your understanding in this decision and look forward to seeing you at ESC mississauga.


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