IMPORTANT: Book your rooms through EVO2K!

You can help keep Evo successful! Here’s how!

If you are attending Evo East or Evo Finals, you can really help us out by staying in the hotel, and when you make your reservation, please mention that you are coming for the “Evolution 2k” event so you get our special rate and we get credit for your stay. Here’s how to make your reservation:

Evo East
Call The Westin Stamford reservations at (203) 967-2222 and ask for the special rate for “Evolution 2K.” To get the special rate (and for us to get credit for your stay!), you must make your reservation before June 29th.

Evo Finals
Call Red Rock Resort reservations at (866) 767-7773 and ask for the special rate for “Evolution 2K.” To get the special rate, you must make your reservation before August 1st.

Co-sign. This is really true, and really important.

For everyone that wonders why the tournaments end up at the places they do, here’s a little insight: most hotels do not want us. They know a lot of you are not exactly high-rollers, some of you are underage and present a gambling risk, some get a little wild, and some of you have a slight kleptomania problem. We are not exactly highly attractive business for them.

Of course we do bring money into their hotel (food, some gambling, etc.), but if we are not also staying in their hotel rooms, they don’t want us back. I wish it were different, but even I can see where they’re coming from. By staying in the host hotel, you help make future events possible.

What’s in it for you:

–Staying at the host hotel means you won’t miss out on a lot of the most fun moments (hanging out with the other players, playing in other people’s hotel rooms until all hours, etc.).

–Staying at the host hotel means you won’t waste time every day going to and from the tournament. In addition to wasted time, you also won’t end up spending more money on parking fees, gas, etc.

–Napping/resting in between games is something a lot of people do. If you can do it in your actual room instead of on the floor like a filthy bum (a common EVO tradition), you’re that much better off. Taking an elevator to crash after a long day of gaming also beats the heck out of having to go down to a parking garage, get your car, drive somewhere, then park, etc.

–When you win a grip of cash in money matches, you can stash it under the matress back in your crib instead of having to walk around with it and risk being jumped by me.

–Last and most importantly, you help support the scene and make more events possible. If people don’t stay at the host hotel, we aren’t invited back, and our already shaky rep gets that much worse, which hurts EVO and tournaments everywhere (hotels are chains, and yes they compare notes).

If you’re down for kicking it at these (apparently gorgeous) resorts, make sure to book under “Evolution 2K.” That way they know that it’s fighting game players giving them business, and you get the better rate.


I’m all for helping you guys out, but what if we find rates online elsewhere that just manage to be cheaper than what the hotel would be offering us with its special discount?

I mean I’m not trying to put you aside, but I’m highly skeptical as to whether or not I’m going to go because I can’t find a soul to room with from the entire freaking EC, which would lead me to paying waaaaaaaaaay too much if I went on my own, and that wouldn’t be nearly as fun either.


Maybe this was answered already but what’s the going rate for rooms at Evo finals?

You definatley just put s-kill aside. He just enumerated all the reasons besides the clear-cut money issue that you would want to stay in the evo hotel.
What if you do find a cheaper room? Well, the reasons we would ask you stay in the evo hotel are “look at s-kill’s” post.
In the end its up to you, we all realize that that money is an issue and might very dictate where you stay. Nobody is going to force to you to room anywhere, they’re just asking that you consider that there actually are other factors than the cash itself.
If you want to think of it another way, although it seems ridiculous, a little bit of extra money out of your pocket can actually help ensure that evo might exist another year. Hard to believe but one man can make a difference!

I know man, I know, regardles of how I said it, you’re right.

Ah well, I’ll give these hotels a call soon enough.

I made my reservations the night I registered.

The added convenience of being able to get away from the tournament and crash is very appealing. These marathons can go on awhile and do stress the body out a bit.

Looking forward to Evo East… :slight_smile:

Staying at another hotel means transportation costs, either renting a car or cab fare for 3-4 days, that adds up. Esp in Vegas where you’re going to be paying the same or more unless your in a lower end joint which are usually way out from everything, meaning it may look like you save 70 a night but $25 cab fare 2 times a day saves you 20 a night. Not worth it, what if you forget something in your room? Spill on your shirt? Same hotel is much better, and you wont generally be saving that much on the whole.

I also called the hotel up and got shuttle info for all those interested. The schedule is as follows:

The shuttle goes to and from the 0 level at the LAS airport every 2 hours. Shuttle service runs from 8am - 8pm Sunday - Thursday, and 9am - 9pm on Friday and Saturday. Meaning it will be at the airport at 8am, 10am, noon, etc., and at the hotel at 9am, 11am, and so on.

Also, the shuttle goes to and from the strip in a similar fashion, only with shorter hours. It takes you to the Macys entrance of the North mall at 11am, 3pm, and 7pm. It returns to the hotel at Noon, 4pm, and 8pm.

It is a black shuttle contracted out to AWG, but will have the Red Rocks logo on it. Just incase anyone besides me wanted to know.

That’s good. I was wondering about that…How much is the room itself? I guessing you’ll need a deposit upfront just to lockup the room. I’m not near a phone or computer as much as I am down in the lower 48 so I’m trying to get a ruff estimate for later.

I called Red Rock

Please keep in mind everyone that when you book your flight, check in on your first day at the resort is at 3:00 pm (so try to arrive as close to that as possible so you can put your bags and shit down immediately.

Checkout time on your final day there is 11am. So try to get a flight that won’t leave you stranded at the airport waiting for 10 hours.

Also here is the schedule for the free shuttle from the airport to Red Rock

I’m assuming most of you get there on Thursday. The last shuttle leaves the airport at 8pm. Unfortunately for people like me who get in at 10pm… gonna have to do that nice $15-$20 cab ride.


hey guys…i got my own room at the hotel…got the reservations…now the thing is i dont wanna pay the whole amount but if need be i will…so i was thinking if who ever is comin to the tournament can split the price for the room up…i mean i have a big room wit 2 beds…we could just get like 8 of us in a room and ill sleep on the floor i probably get drunk at midnight and wont sleep much anyways…some one could bring a ps2 or something and just camp out a room…if anyone wanna share a room let me know…the more the cheaper

How much was it a night for a 2 bed - hotel room?

(I’m assuming you booked a Red Rock Room)


Yeah I need a freakin roommate myself.


I’d offer chibi but i’m only staying thurs and fri night

after that it’s 7 days on the strip


my room is 109 a night…i really dont know how big this hotel is but im sure its has to be pretty big…anyways if someone else has a room and basically wants a roommate to bunk wit i will cancel my reservations (u better damn have a room if i do that!!!). ill bring a sleepin bag and pass out on the floor…BTW ill bring the Alcohol for the after EVO parties!!!


Ugh lol thought you were talking about vegas



yo mcfly im stayin at the stamford hotel rooms…and im not bookin the los vegas one unless i kick ass at evo east…if i get my ass handed to me aint no reason payin more money for a repeat lol!!!

I can’t make it to EVO East but I can vouch for the Westin. I stayed at one during a conference in Boston and the rooms were GREAT. The bed was fantastic and the staff there was very accomodating. Internet was also free in the lobby along with a cocktail hour for guests (that are of legal drinking age). I don’t know about the internet access and the drinks, but the rooms are real.:wgrin:

No say on Red Rock but I’m looking forward to being there.

OK i got a question:
I’m new to reserving this hotel thing cause i just turned 21 as of recently

OK i’m just going to ask random questions that come to mind?

  1. Is there a limit to amount of people in each hotel room, and if so is it enforced?
    Cause if this is the case, it may posed $ problems for a lot of us.

  2. When do we have to check in the hotels by on friday? I’m from So. Cal, but i would like to leave thurs. nite to reach Vegas like probably friday early morning like from 1-5 a.m. Is it possible to check in between those times as a “friday” or possibly more $?

  3. How much should we deposit on the spot at this hotel?

  4. Ok back to question 1, is there ways to sneak people into the rooms concerning the limit occupancy if there is one? I mean i seriously don’t know how many people would enjoy spending $550, considering i’m 21 in college, with no career as of yet. I was planning on having just about 5/6 to a room, so that would split cost.

  5. Ok lets say Red Rock is too expensive for me, is there a practical alternative to all this? I probably doubt that this may be answered, but its probably best to know alternatives out there.

Thanks for whoever answers, and people should post random questions, cause planning for this evo could be a bitch to some of us.