Important Evolution Information

Just to point out a few facts that people may have overlooked, and some new information.

  1. Voting for the extra games will end on July 15th at 12:01am PST, but registration online will remain open until August 8th at 12:01am PST. At that time, online registration will close, and you will be required to register in person at the event.

  2. On site registration will be $25 instead of $20. We encourage you to register online, so there is no hassle of a huge line, and we can get accurate numbers for the event.

  3. All games that are not voted into Evolution will receive a full refund. If you paid for Soul Calibur 2 and only SC2, your $30 will be fully refunded in the method you specified in your Evolution profile. If you entered more than one game, and at least one of those games for Evo is a lock, you will ONLY be refunded for the game that didnt make it.

  4. There will be NO on-site registration on Friday, August 12th, 2005. The tournament will start promptly in the morning, so if you aren’t going to be in town on Thursday night, you MUST pre-register online.

  5. Even if you plan on paying in person, it would save EVO tons of time, if you still could pre-register without paying and make sure you have the correct games checked to ensure a speedy registration process.

Just thought I’d reiterate that your vote for the extra games does not count until you have actually paid to be in the tournament.

So… If by July 15th, 12:01am, 1,032 people have registered to play VF4, but only two of them have actually paid, there will be no VF4 tournament. Of course you will receive a refund if your game does not make it, but this is just to clear up any lingering doubts about how the voting process works.

All the guaranteed tournaments will happen regardless of how many online payments they get, but you cannot just sign up for one of the extra tournaments and plan to pay when you show up in August. The game will be cancelled if it doesn’t receive the paid votes by July 15th (it ends early because we need time to secure the equipment and prepare for any extra tournaments).


if you bring games like last year, will your reg price cut?

probably wont need them, but dont bank on it.

What time should we anticipate starting on Friday?

9am - 10am

When are we gonna get a map of the place, official schedule, etc, etc. Also, will the BYOC room be open thursday?


If I pre-reg on the evo site but don’t pay online, do I still pay the extra on-site fee?

I would believe so.

yes, so we encourage you to sign up online!

I’m assuming if you paid and registered online, we pick up the entry badges on site right? I was thinking you would mail them out considering the registration asked for our address, but then I thought that would be a bit too much, but I’m not too sure.

yes onsite.

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Evolution needs to sponsor a free italian ice booth. Shit’s gonna be 110+ degrees of dry desert heat in the middle of August. Free blueberry/cherry ice!!.. (and no i’m not talkign that stupid shaved ice shit that people just throw flavoring on).


What’s an italian ice booth…? I’ve been to Italy, they had mad icecream shops/corners, but I’ve never noticed any snowcone/shaved ice type deals. :party:

Basically its a frozen fruity ice. Quite good too.

Omg Mr Wizard I love you Avatar. Will you please stop being Godly? And I will be attending MLG… but not EVO, just watching…me so sad. Anywho, I’ll be happy to see lots o people there. EVO is too fun