IMPORTANT: Help us with EVO 2007!

Ever wanted to help the scene, but can’t throw a tournament, don’t have anything to donate, etc? Here’s your chance.

If you’re going to EVO 2006 (and you should go even if just for the show–it’s truly the best of the best this year) all you need to do is this:

Stay at the host hotel and book your room by August 1st. It’s even cheap–you can make your entire reservation today, and they only charge you for the first night until you check in.

After August 1st (that’s soon, foo!), the special rates disappear and the prices go way up. Even worse–we won’t be able to do events like this in nice places like Vegas anymore. If we can’t demonstrate that this kind of event actually attracts customers to their hotel, no one will rent us their floorspace. So book now to save some money and help keep EVO going!

Make your decision for EVO today. Book the room and pay for just one night now. How many chances do you get to do the right thing by staying at a pimp hotel and partying with the world’s best fighting game players?


Do it now!

Ill try my best! not sure if im going, but ill try to make the effort.

For Greater justice <3

Edit: The main problem is that im straped for cash…does anyone think i can make the trip there and back with 350$ ? rofl.

that includes gas, food, entry fee, evo fee, and whomever cool cats im rooming with, which i would assume would be alot.

I’d like to help out…but so far I gots no one to room with.

So it looks like I’ll have to miss another Evo…:sad:

I’m sure there’s one guy out there who needs a roommate.

Damn, fall semister starts August 14. Enough said.

Hey Dios, why don’t you greyhound it out like I’m planning to do? For me, it’ll only $40 roundtrip. A lot cheaper than driving (money for gas)

Yeah but last time i rolled with like 5 people in a van, and so gas wasnt so bad, 10$ from each head at every gas stop, which was like 3 times, 30$ both ways in total. not too shabby.

i just made reservations today and the hotel staff said that the last day to get the Evo rate is July 18th. the initial post on this thread says August 1st. just to let you know.

holy fucking shit, can anyone confirm this??

i just did. just give 'em a call. they’ll tell you what’s up. 'less they were fibbing to me. those rats.

It was an error, its corrected now, the cutoff date is August 1st, but dont ait, rooms go up to 299 if you dont book by then. Get your rooms asap!

thank god. thx wiz

If only red rock didnt have those shitty TVs in the room the desicion would be so much easier… Kinda sucks that the only way you could play casual in the hotel room is with lag… sigh…

Television inputs are blocked anyway, so lag is moot. Many hotels do the same thing. I suggest bringing your own TV or “renting” one from the local Wal-Mart or such.