***IMPORTANT info about evo hotels***

after talking with my good friend vasAZNion who decided to book a room at the evo hotel. He was told that the price of the hotel is not just 139 a night… It is 139 a night PLUS 35 DOLLARS A NIGHT EXTRA FOR EACH PERSON OVER THE SECOND. Allen says he also believes they will be checking which means most of us poor asses can not afford to pack the rooms full of people. This also means it could potentially fuck up all the casual play we were all planning on having.

So what we need to do, is find an “unofficial” evo hotel. I really didn’t want to stay on the strip because it’s a lot farther from where evo is and we’ll have to drive back and forth. But it looks like it’s going to have to happen for most evo attendees. Even if you only have 4 people in your room, it’s going to cost 210 a night plus tax, and it probably won’t be worth trying to sneak your people past because if you get fucked you’re fucked for the whole weekend. Comments? suggestions for an alternate hotel? I’m suggesting excalibur since it’s cheap and on the new part of the strip. let me know.

i’m gonna call the hotels nearby and see their prices.

hopefully it was just the lady that i talked to that made a mistake, so if anyone knows if it’s $139(as many people) or if it’s +$35 per extra head, post up please.

<AKscrube> i called that resrort too earlier today
<UCR_jesse> what did they say?
<AKscrube> basically its $152.90 a night
<UCR_jesse> please go post any info you know on that thread
<AKscrube> $139+tax
<UCR_jesse> cause we gotta get this worked out
<UCR_jesse> did they tell you anything about extra folks
<CrackPr0n> boooo i lost my ops
<CrackPr0n> now i can’t be mean and kick people
<CrotchMon> fuck anyone here a stick soldering expert?
<AKscrube> check in Thursday = checkout Sunday = $482.67
<AKscrube> 2 queen beds or 1 king
<AKscrube> smoking or non smoking
<AKscrube> room type not guaranteed until check in
<AKscrube> check in 3pm, checkout Noon
<AKscrube> and yes
<AKscrube> up to TWO PEOPLE
<AKscrube> $35 for extra
<AKscrube> you get a 27in TV though
<AKscrube> and 2 bathrobes
<CrackPr0n> you go in pack your shit, 10 min later someone else goes in
<CrackPr0n> you open the door for them
<Ex_Matt> Cant sleep without reefer :expressionless:
<CrackPr0n> if they ask "friends stopping by my room’
<AKscrube> brb
<Hiko> hotels ask?
<CrackPr0n> a few do if they feel suspicious
<CrackPr0n> but most of the time no
<AKscrube> my buddy in Alaska is comin down and going to stay at some 5 Bedroom HOUSE

edit = 702-617-7777

secret weapons and tactics worked out for sneaking folks into the room :tup:

Fuck, that changes things up quite a bit doesn’t it? I wonder if the Evo staff knew about this when they made the deal, or if the hotel is just slipping it in to screw us over.

This is “the deal” at every single hotel on the planet, and always has been. They all charge extra for extra people. However, in 10 years of bootleg tournaments and stuffing myself into a hotel with 27 other delightfully scented dudes, I’ve never had a problem nor heard of anyone else having a problem, and we weren’t exactly ninja about what was going on.

What might cause a problem is a bunch of geniuses asking “Hey, is it cool if I stuff 15 people into my room?” and making the hotel think there will be an epidemic. They already know there are going to be a ton of people there for the event, so that in itself will not be a surprise. Basically it’s not worth their time to try and police a “victimless” crime and alienate their customers, so if you’re planning on breaking the hotel room occupancy rules, just handle yourself, don’t give the staff a reason to dislike you, and there shouldn’t be a problem.


I hope we can sneak people in, fuck I’m not paying 39 dollars extra for more

makes me wonder how many of yalls been to tourneys before…ever…cause this has always been the case as far back as I can remember…


yeah, everyone has done it before, you just have to be slick about it. dont go around and broadcast you have 6 people sleeping in your room.

yeah but vegas hotel’s are different. The ones I’ve been to they always have some dude at the bottom of the elevators checking shit.

fucking hell

Usually they only check to see if you have a keycard. If you do, they let you get to the elevators or something. Most likely you guys will have TWO keycards. So each guy brings like two people with him and you’re all good. The only problem is if you have like 10 ppl in the room, you guys need to shift positions to bring more people up. They usually don’t trip though. Just flash the card and have like 5 people follow you.

I can’t speak to GVR specifically, but I’ve done the too-many-dudes-in-one-room thing twice in Vegas, both at a tournament and apart from one, with zero trouble either time. Handle your shit and don’t cause any problems, and don’t stress yourself out too much, because as I said before, it’s exactly the same situation in every hotel (re: charging for extra occupancy) so it’s not like just booking somewhere else makes the problem go away.

Have you ever been to a tournament before?


this is my first tourney where i needed to stay at a hotel. so yes, when i called, i was surprised at first. i didn’t want risk fucking up my evo experience over something like this (“the being slick” part).

but since all the “experts” say this is common, and it’s doable. eh, why not.

Sup everyone, I know the situation with GVR has gotten everyone bummed out. So, I did some searchin for yall and found some bomb ass prices for rooms.


You’ll be good to go if you guys have your own rides! :tup:

uhhh, hmmm
i talked to one employee, she said it was 139 REGARDLESS OF 1-4 people staying. i reserved my room under that condition, and she gave me a grand total in which i said i would pay only if it were that amount. i got her name as well and told her that if it is any different i will find her and yell at her (for reals)

hang up if you get catherine or carol!

I’ve been going to tourneys regularly since shgl was open… so yeah, i’ve been to a few.

I’m just saying all this because friends of mine sounded a little freaked out after calling.

Vegas hotel’s are definitely sneakable but it’s much harder than others. I have no experience with the evo hotel but i know even at cheap ass excalibur we had to have people sneak up with keycards 2 at a time, and this place i’m sure is a higher quality hotel than that.

Actually i think we’re just going to stay at the evo hotel anyways cause i really don’t want to drive just to get to the damn tourney.

yeah i heard carol was a crazy bitch

Like what s-kill said; every hotel in the existance of the universe (aka USA) has this rule. It allows them to make extra money on retards who don’t know how to ninja that shit.

I’ve been to Vegas with 10 other people crammed into the Flamingo, ordered room-service for 10 people’s breakfasts and asked for numerous extra pillows and sheets, and only got charged the normal 2 person rate. Most places really don’t give a shit, but don’t be a total dumb-ass about it.