Important News for people traveling by aircraft

Due to the new security measures that airports are taking, please check with your particular airline regarding massive equiptment being on a carry on. This includes joysticks, repair kits, super guns, or anything video game related.

Please exercise caution when carrying items on board. We dont want anyone to have to throw away your items because you didnt check with the airline.


If it were me, I would check everything in at the gate. Most of the equipment you’re going to bring has all kinds of homemade wiring jobs that’s going to look EXTREMELY suspicious under x-ray. In the current enviornment, I bet they’re not going to let you carry it on regardless of what they tell you on the phone.

Also for those who are clueless:

You can no longer bring ANY kind of liquid in your carry-on bags at a US airport. This includes water/soda or any kind of drink, lotions, shampoo, nail polish, LIPSTICK (yes for some reason they consider it a liquid) and anything of the sort. Keep ALL of your liquids in your CHECKED baggage and you will be fine.


I would strongly recommend calling your airline the day before to see if there are any DELAYS. Right now because of all the heightened security measures being taken place at airports, flights are experiencing anything from 15 minute delays (best case scenario) to TWO HOUR delays (worst case).

Finally, if you are flying internationally into the USA, you had just be ready to wait in line for 10 hours and bend over for your anal exam, because all flights coming into the US are under EXTREME scrutiny, for the moment.

also, probably best, even stateside, to make it to the airport 3 hours ahead of time. already know of people that missed their flight yesterday here in Phoenix and they got to the airport 2 hours early. its extreme chaos

There’s a shuttle schedule for the red rock in my post requesting to share a cab check it out.

i just got into vegas and everything was fine. i had a stick in my carry on and a stick that i checked at the gate. both of them got here with no problems. also my ps2 made it fine.

Hmmm I hope I can bring my HRAP as a hand carry, but Ponder’s right, in x-ray the stick has tons of wiring that looks HIGHLY dangerous like a bomb. Meh.

i flew to cali the day after everything got crazy (last friday the 11th to be exact) and they didnt say a thing about my stick they just asked me what it was

all that shit about extra security is bullshit i didnt see a damn thing

Flashmetroid is right, it’s all bullshit.

I got to the airport about 2 hours 15 mins early, the only problem I had was my reservation got changed magically without me knowing (thanks OneTravel) but they changed it back. I’m now sitting in the airport with 90 minutes to kill, thank god for my Verizon Air card.

Basically you can make due with the usual 2 hours-90 minutes ahead of time and you’ll be fine…the talk about airport delays is all media hype.

It varies a lot based on the flight and the airport, I knew some people travelling in and out of vegas, and it certainly wasn’t hype for half of them. Maybe it’ll clear up soon, but always better to be safe than like the people that believed it was hype that actually ended up missing their flight.

so let me get this straight before I leave to vegas in the morning…you are allowed to have liquids but just not in your carry-on luggage? just in the checked luggage?

In general yes it all has to be checked, check your airlines webpage and there will probably be a big bold sign on the front page about it, here’s a sample:

That problem might be a Vegas problem, I’ve heard it was a bitch getting out of Vegas in general even before the Britain incident