Important question about secret suits

Hi we are a gang of friends who have played street fighter 3 third strike for a couple of years… and we have aquiered the start and buttons suits… but there is supposed to be 6 more exotic suits… we have played with gill on the hardest settings and everything, tried different characters but havent been able to use the select and button style yet…

So i ask to whomever played street figter for some years to know how to unlock the secret suits?

different setting? never lose a round? :wonder:

FAQs at… well, GameFAQs should have the answer to that, but because you called them exotic suits I’ll reply. Aside from the extra 6 colours when holding start, there are no more costumes to be unlocked. The hidden colour is LP+MK+HP and you don’t have to do anything to get it.

Try adjusting the color on the tv, this should unlock secret suits.

if you want beating the AI on anydifficulty even 8star just choose a Shotto and stuff them with shoryuken over and over. works great against gill


We are no newbies att this game… First to get the 6 extra suits you need to kill gill with every character… and after you do that with everyone you unlock gill.

I have tried beaten the arcade with the hardest settings and not to lose a round…
Got SS++ on the top score list, but no extra suits…

i dont know if its just me, but there is supposed to be 18 suits for certain characters… but i have no idea how to get em…

Does anybody know the code to fight with Urien with his suit on? I wanna tackle somebody business man style.

now THAT is top tier

theres only 13 customs, 1 for each button, each button + start, and jab+forward+fierce

theres no other color. the rest could be hacked games or something, but those are the 13 official

o you just asked how to not lose rounds and i threw my 2 cents in

OKey guys, i tried these ones out, but when i try hit the low punch+medium kick+ hard punch it chooses one, but not the special suit, dont know if i press it fast enough…

tried the other one to. but you cant press at any direction, or it chooses another character, and what is “fierce” suppose to mean?

fierce=hard punch

change 1 of your buttons to punch X3 or something and just press that.

That’s just awesome

there is no direction+button custom, thats silly…

and you have to press, jab,forward,fierce at the same time.

You write:
Jab ( guess that is small punch)

  • Forward ( this is a direction, if you dont mean it means something else)
  • Fierce ( that meant Hard punch)

Forward=medium kick

I’m sorry but I never seen anyone on a street fighter forum confuse “forward” for the direction forward :rofl::rofl:

i have seen it:)

Yeah… cant keep track on all different slang words… oh well… then its confirmed that there are no special suits i was talkin about…
thanks for your help either way…

this thread could be deleted if there arent somebody else outthere that dont know there are no special suits except the extra suits…