Important question for UMVC3 newbie

Hi! I’m new here and just got UMVC3 now that it’s been released on Steam. Since this is my first time playing, I have an important question: HOW DO I MUTE THE DAMN GAME?!?!

In most other PC games, the game freezes and mutes when you select another window, but UMVC3 keeps running and chirping away. This makes it really annoying if I’m switching between training and watching combo videos. Hell, the mute button on my keyboard won’t even work if I have UMVC3 selected; I have to highlight a different window first. So does anyone know to to mute the game if I’m switching windows? Thanks for your help.

Hellooooo! This is my first post. Isn’t anyone going to answer me?

This forum is mostly dead now, if you have a question that needs answering, it’s better to go the the r/mvc3 subreddit. This place is filled with tons of info and tech, though, so you can still read around.

Also, this is a pretty silly question to anyone who uses a PC a lot…

To answer your question though… you can simply do it through the Windows Volume Mixer. Click the little sound icon in your Taskbar, click Mixer at the bottom, and lower UMvC3’s volume (I’m on Windows 7, might be different for you).

Or, you could just go to the in-game options and turn the Music (BGM) volume off…? :wonder: