Important question


is it possible on your opponents wakeup to block dp and have the option to tech throw if your opponent decides to wakeup throw . Ive been trying to replicate this scenario in training mode and checked if i can block a dp and tech if the opponent decides to throw but ive been getting random results so wanted to ask if anyone knows anything about this .

And is it possible to check if the dp is coming out and if it doesn’t come out tech throw on reaction? or is the throw animation in sf4 so instantaneous that this cannot be done on …

i am still new to sf4 mechanics as i didn’t play vanilla so any help would be appreciated

edit: so i looked a little more and found that the a normal throw hits on the 4th frame but after it hitting you actually have 6 more frames to tech it …so this must mean u can check for a 3 frame wake up dp …and still have 7 frames to tech the throw aswell if the dp doesn’t come out?..if this information is correct how many of you actually use this technique on your opponents wakeup ?

and guys please correct me if im wrong about anything as this scenario is really beginning to annoy me .


Yup, its absolutely possible.
If you are right next to your opponent on their wakeup and want to go for an [media=youtube]aHHoGHcgK9k"[/media] block/throw, all you have to do is block and press throw just a frame or two (30th-60th of a second) after they wake up. If they do an instant dp, you blocked it because you pressed throw during your block-stun. If they instantly tried to throw you, you’ll tech it instead.

A “crouch tech” is this technique but done while holding down-back. If your opponent doesnt try to hit you instantly, a crouching lk will come out instead of a big wiffed throw if they got out of range. Remember, the main trick is delaying the action a tiny tiny bit AFTER the opponent fully wakes up in order to block reversal attempts.


Great question. Yes all you need to do is crouch tech when a reversal would’ve put you into block. If your character has a nasty normal like Ryu’s with decent block advantage, high priority and is crouching, then you can press it whilst crouch teching, and it’s just that much better.

It’s common to see pro Ryu players do the above, move forward a fraction of a second to bait out reversals OS tech again and repeat that process for maximum reversal baitage

Just for correction, throws hit on the 3rd frame.


^ yh but if you crouch tech on opponents wakeup , dp will hit you as your crouching short will come out .

but still thnx both of you replying …so the trick is to delay the lp+lk throw motion just a tiny bit after they wake up in order to tech a wakeup throw and save your self from a wakeup dp thnx meteo2 .


I implied that it was a delayed crouch… I don’t know why you would bother correcting me there. Testing this against the training dummy, record throw and dp spam. Playback, then untech KD and try that tactic. You can also practice it with Ryu’s os tech, walking forward for 5 frames, then blocking and os teching.