IMPORTANT: Register at!

Don’t forget to register online at if you are planning to go to the tournmant, even if you do not want to pay online. Brackets are created in advance of the tournament (Wednesday afternoon, if you’re curious). People not registering online will be stuck in the brackets randomly at the event, which increases the odds that you’re going to get matched up against someone who you play with on a daily basis. People who are registered online are seeded by region to avoid exactly this scenario.

Thanks and see you all at Evo.

So if you register online without paying and pay at the event, you’ll still be seeded by zipcode and not randomly thrown in brackets?


I have a question about registration…I read this off the finals schedule site:

So if you are a guest of a tournament player…you can get into Evo, watch the matches, and play BYOC games for free?

I was under the impression that everyone was to pay the attendance fee…

I’ve got a question I’m on the strip and the first shuttle leaves for the red rock at noon when regis closes since i’m only playing marvel which starts at three and already paid VIA Pay PAL.

Do I still need to be there for registration?

I regesterd twice since i couldn’t print my form the first time, will this be a huge problem?

as long as you have already paid online, you dont have to worry about showing up till 3pm, you could just show up at like 2:30 pick up your badge, then get ready to play at 3.


You dont have to print the form, to register in person, it only helps us. Just show up and we will take care of it.

Then what did I pay $20 for?

I’m rollin with one of the competitors…but I’m not competing.
Wouldn’t I count as a guest?

Thank you, Now do me a favor and tell Tony to surround me with east coast cats.

Hey, i registered with my brothers paypal, and I accidentally transfered funds from his instead of his credit card. I know it’s going to take a few days to process, whats going to happen when I show up to evo?

Paypal info:
Name: Aaron Hannon

 Payment	 To	 SRKX	-$30.00 USD 	 Aug. 15, 2006	 Completed	Details	 
 Transfer	 From	 Bank Account	$30.00 USD 	 Aug. 15, 2006	 Completed	Details

My name is Phillip Hannon and I registered for T5.

I just entered mvc2 and paid via paypal, do i need to print or bring anything?

Nope!! Just bring yourself. :wgrin:

Fuck i didnt notice when the online part of registration was going to be closed, is it possible i could be squeezed into marvel brackets, and ill register online, if you havent already started finalizing the brackets? I dont wanna miss out on evo/marvel ;_;

The money came out of my bank account but, his name isn’t on the list. Hopefully this will be taken care of. We should be there friday morning for registration though.

My name still isn’t up. Should I be worried?

Nah, go see Wizard when you get there.