Important stick art request. Compensation inside!

ok guys
I’m looking for three separate stick arts.
I know that this is a large undertaking.
I would like to see if anyone would be interested in taking it up, and am willing to donate $15 dollars to anyone taking it up or other terms can be met.
I will locate all artwork and have solid plans so you can have an idea plus be able to add your own style. Anyone who will take this up please post here or pm me so that we can talk by either pm or aim about the specs.
One of them will be very simple and minimal and the other two will be more middle line (no clusterf*cks of a million characters).
Please someone take this up to help a padna out.



15 dollars per or in total? What are the measurements or do you have the psd?

uhhh why dont you offer a premium membership or something…

i’d be willing to give it a shot if you provide me with the details.