Importing Blazblue


I did a quick search of the forum and found nothing helpful. Also googled but that didn’t get me anywhere either. Can anyone recommend me a good place to import blazblue from? I pre-ordered the ps3 slim which will come in 6 days so I want to get the game by then too… Play-Asia won’t ship it to UK and other sites are either out of stock or look shady…


Hit up the Trading Outlet.


The store is down for maintenance. We apologise for the inconvience.

Oh wow how lucky am I?



He meant the trading outlet forums. Not

Here ya go, and be sure to read all the rules before you do anything. Good luck. :tup:


Thanks a lot. Also I feel silly for misunderstanding that but I’m new to the site so forgive me. :stuck_out_tongue:
I managed to get it off

Thanks again for your help though


you can get it from ,i got mine and they shipped to the UK in a matter of days


Did you try


You can get epxress shipping but you have to mention it in the order window. Or quickly drop them a mail or ring them up if you want to be certain. Normal shipping usually takes 9-10 days to central Europe.

Their prices are very good for an euro importer and they even have the PS3 BlazBlue limited edition in regular stock.


ebay, i had the same problem as you being from the uk, some guy digi something whatever