Importing console replay onto PC?

Hey boys and girls,

I have some cool replay onto my 360, which I don’t on my PC (and as it appear, the lvl is clearly higher on 360).
As I wanted to show them to friends, a problem appear : most don’t have 360. I could buy a pci capture card (or an usb one), but as I have a license of FRAPS it would be much much better to import the replay.

So far, with the help of a friend, I exported the console savegame with Xplorer360_250gb_Edition.
Then, I explored the save with CON Manager

The file structure is the same as the PC version, it’s a good sign.

I experimented a little, of course a full replacement doesn’t work (corrupted data), but replacing everything EXCEPT “save.dat” and “LIST” works fine. But I still have my PC replay.
So, it must be into these 2 files, and I bet it’s in “LIST”.

Anyone with reverse engineering skills could give us a clue? I’m sure it will interest a lot of people here.

It’s probably opposite endian and I don’t think anyone’s written a converter for that.

Le Bump.
I’d like to see this come to life as well =3